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ea0037ep657 | Pituitary: basic and neuroendocrinology | ECE2015

Effect of phenols and phthalates on rat and human pituitary cell proliferation

Tapella Laura , Sesta Antonella , Losa Marco , Cavagnini Francesco , Giraldi Francesca Pecori

An increased prevalence of acromegaly and pituitary tumors has recently been observed in high industrial density areas (Cannavò et al. J Endocrinol 2010) or after dioxin exposure (Pesatori et al. Eur J Endocrinol 2008). These data as well as vitro studies on endocrine disruptors (EDs) suggest that environmental pollutants may affect hormonal secretion and pituitary cell proliferation (Blake et al. Proc Soc Exp Biol...

ea0070aep602 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2020

Effect of silibinin on acth synthesis and secretion in human adenomatous corticotropes in vitro

Francesca Cassarino Maria , Sesta Antonella , Libera Laura , Bardelli Donatella , Losa Marco , Lasio Giovanni , Pecori Giraldi Francesca

Silibinin, a milk thistle extract with known hepatoprotective effects, has recently been shown to act upon tumoral corticotropes and revert the Cushingoid phenotype in an allograft mouse model (Riebold et al. 2015). Silbinin is known to inhibit HSP90 -a chaperone to the glucocorticoid receptor-thereby restoring sensitivity to glucocorticoid negative feedback in tumoral corticotropes. Aim of the present study was to assess the effect of silibinin on ACTH synthesis and ...

ea0020p565 | Neuroendocrinology, Pituitary and Behaviour | ECE2009

Expression and regulation of HIF-1α and RSUME in murine and human pituitary tumor cells

Shan Bing , Theodoropoulou Marily , Buchfelder Michael , Rachinger Walter , Losa Marco , Stalla Gunter , Arzt Eduardo , Renner Ulrich

Hypoxia inducible factor-1alpha (HIF-1α) is a transcription factor regulating expression of many genes related to oxygen homeostasis in response to hypoxic stress. RSUME is a sumoylation enhancer, which was recently cloned from a pituitary cell line with an increased tumorigenic and angiogenic potential. It has been shown that RSMUE is induced by hypoxia and enhances the sumoylation of HIF-1α. Although many studies demonstrated that the level of HIF-1α is remark...

ea0016p421 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2008

Glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide receptor (GIPR) in human pituitary adenomas

Occhi Gianluca , Losa Marco , Albiger Nora , Scanarini Massimo , Del Verme Jacopo , Mantero Franco , Scaroni Carla

Glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) receptor is a member of the G protein-coupled receptors family. According to its incretin properties, GIPR is expressed in tissues such as pancreas, stomach and adipose tissue. However GIPR expression pattern appears to be broader, as it was detected in other tissues such as heart, lung and the central nervous system, thus suggesting either novel ligands for GIPR or novel actions for GIP. Moreover, in some patients with food-d...

ea0016p429 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2008

Variable effects of preproTRH(178–199) on ACTH secretion by human corticotrope tumors

Giraldi Francesca Pecori , Pesce Samantha , Maroni Paola , Losa Marco , Cavagnini Francesco

PreproTRH (178–199), a 22-aminoacid cleavage product of the TRH prohormone, has been postulated to act as an ACTH-releasing inhibitor. Indeed, in vitro evidence indicates that this peptide may inhibit basal and stimulated ACTH secretion in rodent anterior pituitary primary cultures and cell lines (Redei 1995, Revskoy 2001), although not all studies concur (Nicholson 1996). Aim of the present study was to test the effect of preproTRH(178–199) in human tumoral c...

ea0056p819 | Pituitary - Clinical | ECE2018

Age and severity of hyperthyroidism are determinants of thoracic vertebral fractures in patients with TSH-secreting pituitary adenoma

Frara Stefano , Losa Marco , Doga Mauro , Formenti Anna Maria , Mortini Pietro , Mazziotti Gherardo , Giustina Andrea

Introduction: Osteoporosis and vertebral fractures (VFs) commonly occur in overt and subclinical primary hyperthyroidism. In this clinical setting, bone damage is caused by the direct effects of thyroid hormone in excess on bone remodeling, although there is also evidence that low thyrotropin (TSH) values may play a role in driving fracture risk. In fact, TSH was shown to have direct inhibitory effects on osteoclastogenesis and bone resorption. Based on these data, one could a...

ea0063p1095 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology 3 | ECE2019

Poor response to pre-surgical treatment with Somatostatin Receptor Ligands is associated with diabetes in patients with acromegaly

Tecilazich Francesco , Frara Stefano , Losa Marco , Formenti Anna Maria , Resmini Eugenia , Doga Mauro , Mortini Pietro , Giustina Andrea

Purpose: To evaluate whether the degree of response to surgical pre-treatment with somatostatin receptor ligands (SRL) predicts alterations in blood glucose levels.Patients and methods: We retrospectively studied 181 patients attending the Unit of Neurosurgery of our Hospital prior to transsphenoidal surgery. All patients had a diagnosis of acromegaly (nadir GH during OGTT >0.4 ng/ml; and IGF-I above age-standardized UNL); diagnosis of diabetes (DM) ...

ea0041ep857 | Pituitary - Basic | ECE2016

Combined clinical and gene expression profiling in human ACTH-secreting pituitary tumors

Cassarino Maria Francesca , Cassarino Andrea , Terreni Mariarosa , Ambrogio Alberto Giacinto , Gentilini Davide , Losa Marco , Cavagnini Francesco , Giraldi Francesca Pecori

Introduction: We have previously reported on the considerable variability in ACTH-secreting pituitary adenomas in terms of responses to major modulators in vitro (Pecori Giraldi et al J. Neuroendocrinol. 2011). Further studies revealed also differences in gene expression profiles in specimens analyzed by microarray analysis. Aim of this study is to correlate transcriptome expression pattern in archival human ACTH-secreting adenomas with clinical features of patients p...

ea0070aep592 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2020

Morphometric vertebral fractures are highly prevalent in patients with non-functioning pituitary adenoma and related to older age and hypopituitarism

Frara Stefano , Di Filippo Luigi , Doga Mauro , Maria Formenti Anna , Losa Marco , Resmini Eugenia , Tecilazich Francesco , Mortini Pietro , Giustina Andrea

Introduction: Recent studies showed that morphometric vertebral fractures (VF) are an early and frequent complication in patients (pts) withhyperfunctioning pituitary adenomas and hypopituitarism (independently from the etiology). GH excess or severe deficiency play a negative key role on bone health in this clinical setting. Disease control or adequate replacement therapies still remain a cornerstone for the clinician to reduce the burden of osteo-metabolic complications. To ...

ea0070yi4 | Young Investigators | ECE2020

Evidence for increased SSTR5 expression and improved pasireotide response in USP8 mutant corticotroph tumours

Albani Adriana , Perez-Rivas Luis Gustavo , Sicheng Tang , Buchfelder Michael , Rotermund Roman , Flitsch Jörg , Losa Marco , Stalla Günter , Reincke Martin , Theodoropoulou Marily

The somatostatin analogue pasireotide is approved for the treatment of Cushing’s disease, where it achieves biochemical normalization in ~40% of patients. Predicting pasireotide resistance would help avoid unnecessary treatment. Pasireotide mediates its antisecretory action by binding to somatostatin receptor 5 (SSTR5). Almost half of corticotroph tumours carry mutations in the ubiquitin specific protease 8 (USP8) gene that encodes for a deubiquitinase. Pre...