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ea0081p643 | Endocrine-Related Cancer | ECE2022

Thyroid cancer and thalassemia major: new hypotheses from an old clinical scenario

Poggi Maurizio , Samperi Irene , Monti Salvatore , motta cecilia , Pugliese Giuseppe

Thyroid cancer (TC) is one of the most frequent neoplasia diagnosed in general population with an estimated incidence of 6.6 cases per 100.000 and mortality of 0.43 cases per 100.000. Differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC), which includes papillary (PTC) and follicular cancer (FTC), comprises the large majority (up to 90%) of all thyroid cancer cases. At the moment etiology of TC is not completely understood, with multiple genetic and epigenetic factor that are thought to be impo...

ea0081p416 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2022

Cabergoline monotherapy in acromegaly – a multicenter, retrospective, cohort study of non-irradiated patients using current criteria for disease control

A Urwyler Sandrine , Samperi Irene , Lithgow Kirstie , Mavilakandy Akash , Matheou Mike , Ayuk John , Bradley Karin , Pal Aparna , Reddy Narendra , Karavitaki Niki

Background: Dopamine agonists (DA) are included in the management algorithm of acromegaly. Studies on cabergoline monotherapy report IGF-1 normalisation in between 0% and 100% of the patients during treatment periods ranging between 2.6 and 24 months. However, in many of these studies, previous radiotherapy is a confounding factor. Furthermore, real world data applying the current disease control criteria (normal IGF-1 and GH<1 mg/l) are not available. The aim of this stud...

ea0081rc5.8 | Rapid Communications 5: Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition 2 | ECE2022

Attitude of Italian endocrinologists towards obesity management. Results of a survey with 534 respondents

Chianelli Marco , Eugenia Disoteo Olga , Giorgio Borretta , Attanasio Roberto , Persichetti Agnese , GRIMALDI FRANCO , Paoletta Agostino , Samperi Irene , Papini Enrico , Guglielmi Rinaldo , Scoppola Alessandro

Background: Obesity represents a threatening worldwide epidemic but, beyond the guidelines recommendations, its modalities of treatment in the medical community appear as variable and not clearly defined. Aim of our survey was to assess the present real-world approach to obesity management in Italy.Methods: Online anonymous survey among the 2248 members of the Italian Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AME). The survey included 8 questions about d...

ea0086p88 | Neuroendocrinology and Pituitary | SFEBES2022

Cabergoline in acromegaly – a multicenter, retrospective, cohort study of non-irradiated patients using current criteria for disease control

Urwyler Sandrine A , Samperi Irene , Lithgow Kirstie , Mavilakandy Akash , Matheou Mike , Ayuk John , Bradley Karin , Pal Aparna , Reddy Narendra L , Karavitaki Niki

Background: Cabergoline monotherapy or in combination with somatostatin analogue (SSA) has been reported in few studies with IGF-1-normalization-rates 0%-100%(monotherapy) and 42%-60%(combination therapy). However, in these studies, inclusion of irradiated patients is a potential confounder and currently proposed disease control criteria (normal IGF-1, GH<1 mg/l) have not been applied.Aim: Investigate the efficacy of cabergoline monotherapy or as add...

ea0090p339 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2023

Therapy of overweight and obesity resistant to behavioral treatment in the adult population with metabolic comorbidities. A network meta-analysis

Samperi Irene , Persichetti Agnese , Attanasio Roberto , Busetto Luca , Cinquini Michela , Paoletta Agostino , Papini Enrico , Novizio Roberto , Scoppola Alessandro , Vettor Roberto , Chianelli Marco

Background: Overweight and obesity are an increasing concern for public health worldwide. Obesity is a chronic, progressive and relapsing disease associated with the development of several comorbidities which may improve after weight loss. The first step in the management of weight excess includes life-style modifications but, in the long-term, obesity is frequently resistant to life-style changes only. Surgical procedures and medical treatments have, therefore, been developed...

ea0065p292 | Neuroendocrinology | SFEBES2019

Cabergoline in the treatment of acromegaly: experience from a large pituitary centre

Samperi Irene , Lithgow Kirstie , Chai Shu Teng , Asia Miriam , Ahmed Shahzada , Paluzzi Alessandro , Tsermoulas George , Meade Sara , Sanghera Paul , Toogood Andy , Gittoes Neil , Ayuk John , Karavitaki Niki

Introduction: Cabergoline is one of the medical treatments in acromegaly; it can be used alone or in combination with other available agents.Aim: To review the efficacy of cabergoline in patients with acromegaly treated in our centre.Patients and methods: Patients with acromegaly on cabergoline were identified from our Pituitary Registry. Clinical/laboratory/imaging data were collected and analysed.Results: F...

ea0092ps3-22-06 | Nodules 2 | ETA2023

Italian guideline on the management of benign non-hyperfunctioning thyroid nodule causing compressive symptoms

Novizio Roberto , Basile Michele , Scoppola Alessandro , Persichetti Agnese , Attanasio Roberto , Paoletta Agostino , Samperi Irene , Saulle Rosella , Vecchi Simona , Papini Enrico , behalf of all members of guideline panel On

Aim: Diagnostic definition and therapeutic interventions for nodular thyroid disease represent a high healthcare cost and their consequences may have a negative impact on quality of life of patients. This guideline aims at providing a reference for the management of non-functioning, benign thyroid nodules causing local symptoms in adults outside of pregnancy. The purpose is to standardize the treatment, based on the evidence provided by the GRADE method and the expertise of a ...

ea0092ps3-22-07 | Nodules 2 | ETA2023

A pharmacoeconomic analysis from italian guidelines for the management of non-hyperfunctioning, bening thyroid nodules

Samperi Irene , Basile Michele , scoppola alessandro , Persichetti Agnese , Attanasio Roberto , Paoletta Agostino , Saulle Rosella , Vecchi Simona , Novizio Roberto , Papini Enrico , behalf of all members of guideline panel on

Background: Thyroid nodules are the most common endocrine pathology. Due to the widespread use of imaging modalities, mostly ultrasound, the incidental finding of thyroid nodules has increased, reaching a prevalence of 50-60% in adults. Diagnostic definition and therapeutic interventions represent thus an increasing cost for health system. In patient with benign thyroid nodule causing local symptoms, hemithyroidectomy with isthmectomy or total thyroidectomy are the recommended...

ea0065p315 | Neuroendocrinology | SFEBES2019

The spectrum of testosterone levels in males with functioning gonadotroph adenomas: report of three cases

Fountas Athanasios , Samperi Irene , Webster Rachel , Asia Miriam , Ahmed Shahzada , Paluzzi Alessandro , Tsermoulas George , Senthil Latha , Chew Han Seng , Chavda Swarupsinh , Matthews Tim , Batra Ruchika , Ayuk John , Toogood Andy , Gittoes Neil , Karavitaki Niki

Introduction: Functioning gonadotroph adenomas (FGAs) are very rare tumours secreting biologically active gonadotropins. In males, typically, FSH levels are elevated, whereas LH and testosterone are variable. Herein, we present three males with elevated, normal or low testosterone at diagnosis.Cases: Case 1:42-year-old man with two-year history of visual impairment. Bitemporal hemianopia was confirmed. Imaging showed macroadenoma compressing optic chiasm...

ea0090p420 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2023

Italian guidelines for the management of prolactinomas

Cozzi Renato , Simona Auriemma Renata , Pasquale De Menis Ernesto , Esposito Felice , Ferrante Emanuele , Iati Giuseppe , Mazzatenta Diego , Poggi Maurizio , Ruda Roberta , Tortora Fabio , Cruciani Fabio , Mitrova Zuzana , Saulle Rosella , Vecchi Simona , Basile Michele , Cappabianca Paolo , Paoletta Agostino , Papini Enrico , Persichetti Agnese , Samperi Irene , Scoppola Alessandro , Bozzao Alessandro , Caputo Marco , Doglietto Francesco , Ferrau Francesco , Lania Andrea , Laureti Stefano , Lello Stefano , Locatelli Davide , Maffei Pietro , Minniti Giuseppe , Peri Alessandro , Ruini Chiara , Settanni Fabio , Silvani Antonio , Veronese Nadia , Grimaldi Franco , Attanasio Roberto

Aim: This guideline (GL) is aimed at providing a reference for the management of prolactin (PRL)-secreting pituitary adenoma in non-pregnant adults.Methods: For each question, the panel identified potentially relevant outcomes, which were then rated for their impact on therapeutic choices.Results: The present GL provides recommendations about the roles of pharmacological and neurosurgical treatment for the management of prolactinom...