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ea0072p16 | (1) | UKINETS2020

Mixed neuroendocrine-non-endocrine neoplasms (MiNEN): A case of pancreatic acinar – neuroendocrine carcinoma of large cell type

Clifton Emilie , Karampera Christina , Zen Yoh , Thillai Kiruthikah , Sarker Debashis

Background: MiNEN are a rare histological subgroup defined by the association of at least two morphologically different neoplastic components, including one neuroendocrine. The diagnosis and therapeutic management of MiNEN is considered challenging resulting from the rarity and heterogeneity of this subgroup.Case: We present the case of a 68-year-old Caucasian male who attended the emergency department with symptomatic hypoglycaemia on a background of po...

ea0080p7 | Abstracts | UKINETS2021

Sex specific differences in overall survival in patients with pulmonary neuroendocrine neoplasms (NENs) in a large United Kingdom (UK) tertiary centre

Clement Dominique , Brown Sarah , Mulholland Nicola , Sarker Debashis , Giwa Mojisola , Koundouraki Antonia , Ramage John , Srirajaskanthan Raj

Introduction: Pulmonary NENs account for around 2% of all pulmonary malignancy. They are classified histologically into 4 types typical and atypical carcinoids which are generally well differentiated and large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma (LCNEC) and small cell lung carcinoma (SCLC) which are poorly differentiated. Within the literature there are several reports regarding overall survival on small mainly surgical cohorts, but data for the UK population are lacking. Only a few...

ea0062oc6 | Oral Communications | EU2019

Effective novel therapy in the use of managing refractory hypoglycaemia in a patient with metastatic insulinoma

Anandappa Samantha , McGowan Barbara , Prachalias Andreas , Sarker Debashis , Miquel Rosa , Carroll Paul , Velusamy Anand

Case history: 22 year old female presented with left sided hemiparesis following a generalised seizure; the blood glucose was 1.2 mmol/l. Corrective treatment restored cerebral function. In the preceding 6 months, she had symptoms of drowsiness on waking which corrected with sugary drinks and described tiredness with lethargy. There had been no reported change in appetite or bowel habits however, there had been a degree of weight loss during this period. During hospital admiss...

ea0096p26 | Section | UKINETS2023

Case report: a rectal neuroendocrine tumour with dynamic grade and clinical behaviour

Evan Theodore , Sarker Debashis , Mencel Justin , Srirajaskanthan Raj , Clement Dominique , Ramage John , Brown Sarah , Dolly Saoirse

Introduction: Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) may change grade and clinical behaviour substantially over time, requiring shifts in management strategy.Case Presentation: A 53-year-old lady presented with abdominal bloating and diarrhoea. Diagnostic MRCP and CT-CAP confirmed metastatic cancer, with bilobar liver metastases and a sclerotic lesion in the right ilium. Her disease was 68Ga-DOTATATE-avid. Rectal biopsy confirmed...

ea0072p14 | (1) | UKINETS2020

Effective multimodality therapy for a metastatic insulin-secreting pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour (NET): A case report

Ting Jonathan , Kapiris Matthaios , Prachalias Andreas , Velusamy Anand , McGowan Barbara , Carroll Paul , Miquel Rosa , Thillai Kiruthikah , Sarker Debashis

A 23-year-old woman presented in May 2018 with acute left-sided hemiparesis following increasingly frequent episodes of morning drowsiness with associated weight loss. She had no significant past medical history or family history. Brain imaging excluded intracranial pathology. Blood tests during a spontaneous hypoglycaemic episode (1.5 mmol/l) identified significant hyperinsulinaemic hypoglycaemia [insulin 392 pmol/l (18–173) and C-peptide 3913 pmol/l (370–1470)]. MR...

ea0034p181 | Neoplasia, cancer and late effects | SFEBES2014

Inherited mutations in the SDH complex increase metastatic malignant potential of paragnglioma and phaeochromocytoma tumours

Jafar-Mohammadi Bahram , Izatt Louise , Schulte Klaus-Martin , Carroll Paul V , McGowan Barbara M , Powrie Jake K , Whitelaw Benjamin C , Sarker Debashis , Diaz-Cano Salvador , Aylwin Simon J B

Phaeochromocytomas (PCC) and paraganglioma (PGL) are neural crest tumours arising from the chromaffin producing cells of the adrenal medulla or sympathetic/parasympathetic system respectively. Recently, in part due to advances in high throughput sequencing, our understanding of the genetic predisposition to these tumours has greatly increased. To date, 13 genes have been implicated in the pathogenesis of these conditions (ten available for testing at our centre). Recent studie...

ea0056p140 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2018

Achievement of therapeutic mitotane concentrations in management of advanced adrenocortical cancer: a single centre experience in 47 patients

Bakhit Mohamed , Whitelaw Benjamin C , Gilbert Jackie , Coskeran Patsy , Diaz-Cano Salvador , Taylor David R , Taylor Norman T , Ghatore Lea , Lewis Dylan , Vivian Gillian , Sarker Debashis , Ross Paul , Davis Laura May , Clough Jennifer , Hubbard Johnathan G , Galata Gabriele , Prachalias Andreas , Schulte Klaus-Martin , Aylwin Simon J B

Introduction: Multi-modal therapy for adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) includes surgery, therapy with the adrenolytic agent mitotane and systemic chemotherapy. Achievement of therapeutic mitotane concentrations (≥14 mg/l) has been related to improved outcomes.Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness of a defined* high dose protocol mitotane therapy in patients with advanced ACC (stages III and IV).Methods: Review of patients presenti...