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ea0026p173 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2011

Glucose homeostasis in GH deficient adults not treated with GH: more than 10 year follow-up

Djurdjevic S Pekic , Doknic M , Stojanovic M , Miljic D , Djurovic M , Stojanoska M Medic , Popovic V

Study objective: We investigated prevalence of impaired glucose homeostasis in a large cohort of adult patients with GH deficiency (GHD), not treated with GH after more than 10 years of follow-up.Design: Seventy-one adult GHD patients (30 males, 41 females; mean age 48.3±2.0 years, mean BMI 28.8±0.7 kg/m2, GH deficient for 10.2±1.2 years) were evaluated. Ninety percent of patients had multiple pituitary hormone deficiencies whic...

ea0044ep46 | (1) | SFEBES2016

Management of Thyrotoxicosis with Chronic Neutropenia; Case Report

Pasha Nida , Hodson Kathryn , Vidarthyi M , Stojanovic Nemanja , Nkonge Frederick

The new patient with Thyrotoxicosis and neutropenia is not uncommon and requires focussed deliberations on avoidance of iatrogenic neutropenic injury and raises a clinical dilemma when treating patients with pre-existing neutropenia.There is a paucity of published experience on the safety of Carbimazole and Propylthiouracil in defined neutropenic Thyrotoxic patient’s preparation for definitive ablative RAI therapy or thyroidectomy.<p class="abst...

ea0029p434 | Clinical case reports - Thyroid/Others | ICEECE2012

Primary hyperparathyroidism associated with autoimmune polyglandular syndrome type III and isolated IgA deficiency

Savic S. , Zarkovic M. , Ciric J. , Beleslin B. , Stojkovic M. , Nisic T. , Stojanovic M. , Trbojevic B.

Introduction: Isolated IgA deficiency (SIgAD) is the most common form of primary immunodeficiency. Patients with SIgAD have an increased risk of both systemic and organ-specific autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune thyroid diseases (AITD) and type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) are the most common autoimmune endocrine disorders. They occur frequently together, and this combination is nominated as autoimmune polyglandular syndrome type 3 (APS 3). Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) is th...

ea0029p1429 | Pituitary Clinical | ICEECE2012

Synergistic effects of combined stimulation with CRH+ghrelin on ACTH and cortisol responses in patients with Cushing’s disease: a pilot study

Miljic D. , Doknic M. , Pekic S. , Stojanovic M. , Damjanovic S. , Popovic V.

Background: Several stimulatory tests for differential diagnosis of ACTH dependent Cushing’s syndrome are avilable, CRH being the most valuable test in patients with Cushing’s disease (CD). Exaggerated responses to ghrelin have also been shown in patients with CD mainly due to overexpression of GHS receptors on corticotrope tumor cells. However, the effects of combined stimulation with CRH+ghrelin on ACTH and cortisol secretion have not been tested before in these pa...

ea0029p1430 | Pituitary Clinical | ICEECE2012

Bone turnover in patients with active acromegaly in relation to glucose metabolism

Pekic Djurdjevic S. , Miljic D. , Stojanovic M. , Doknic M. , Jeremic V. , Jovanovic M. , Popovic V.

Objective: There is a complex cross-talk between bone and glucose metabolism. The surrogate markers of bone metabolism are osteocalcin (for bone formation) and CTx (for bone resorption). The osteoblast-derived protein osteocalcin has recently been shown to affect glucose homeostasis.Aim of the study: To investigate the relationship between markers of bone metabolism and parameters reflecting bone composition, glucose homeostasis and insulin resistance in...

ea0011p505 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2006

Chromogranin-A in adrenal incidentalomas – marker for tumour secretion

Ivovic M , Penezic Z , Vujovic S , Marina Lj , Stojanovic M , Drezgic M

Adrenal incidentalomas are incidentally discovered adrenal tumors by imaging methods without any prior suspicions of adrenal disease. Most of these tumors are functionally inactive but thorough investigations can reveal discrete hormone excess. Chromogranin A(CgA) is expressed in neuroendocrine cells throughout the body, including large and small intestine, adrenal medulla and pancreatic islets. It is a marker for carcinoid tumors, paragangliomas, and other neuroendocrine tumo...

ea0011p672 | Reproduction | ECE2006

Bone mass density in 180 women with premature ovarian failure

Vujovic S , Stojanovic M , Penezic Z , Ivovic M , Kovacevic M , Barac B , Marina Lj , Drezgic M

Premature ovarian failure (POF) is characterized by amenorrhea, hypergonadotropism and hypoestrogensm in women under 40 years. Sex steroids play an important role in maintaining bone mass and cessation of ovarian function results in significant bone loss.Objective: To evaluate bone mass density (BMD) and factors influencing it in women with POF.Design & methods: First group of 144 women with spontaneous POF (I), 39.7±7.6 y...

ea0011p923 | Thyroid | ECE2006

The risk of hypercholesterolemia in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism

Marina LJ , Penezic Z , Vujovic S , Stojanovic M , Ivovic M , Drezgic M

Subclinical hypothyroidism is defined as a biochemical abnormality characterized by an elevated serum level of sTSH with normal thyroid hormones (FT4) and no clinical symptoms. The objective of this study was to asses whether patients with subclinical hypothyroidism have a risk of hypercholesterolemia. We have evaluated 37 adults (34 female and 3 male), mean age 49.20±9.65 years, with laboratory confirmed subclinical hypothyroidism, sTSH value above of 4.5 mU/L and normal...

ea0029p1145 | Neuroendocrinology | ICEECE2012

Relationship between leptin, markers of bone turnover, bone mineral density, and body weight in patients with schizophrenia treated with long acting risperidone (LAIR)

Doknic M. , Maric N. , Britvic D. , Pekic S. , Miljic D. , Stojanovic M. , Damjanovic A. , Jasovic-Gasic M. , Popovic V.

Introduction: Leptin, adipose-tissue-derived hormone has a prominent role in bone remodeling by activating, through CNS relay, the sympathetic tone which inhibits bone formation. Schizophrenia is a CNS disease associated with low bone mass and changes in bone remodeling. Risperidone, atypical antipsychotic, may be related to increase in body weight (BW). Increased BW is thought to be protective to the bone.Aim: To determine relations between leptin, bone...

ea0011p490 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2006

Value of overnight dexamethasone suppression test (1 mg-dst) in subclinical Cushing’s syndrome

Penezic Z , Zarkovic M , Ivovic M , Vujovic S , Ciric J , Beleslin BZ , Stojanovic M , Marina Lj , Drezgic M

Adrenal incidentalomas are referred as clinically silent adrenal masses discovered incidentally during diagnostic testing or treatment for conditions not related to suspicion of adrenal disease. Certain percent of them are hormonally active and autonomous cortisol secretion is reported with increasing frequency. The aim of the study was to assess value of 1mg-DST in subclinical Cushing’s syndrome (CS) compared to the other forms of adrenal incidentalomas. We have evaluate...