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ea0049ep411 | Diabetes (to include epidemiology, pathophysiology) | ECE2017

GLIS3 rs7020673 and rs10758593 polymorphisms interact in the susceptibility for type 1 diabetes mellitus

Crispim Daisy , Duarte Guilherme , Assmann Tais , Dieter Cristine , de Souza Bianca , Canani Luis

Background and Aims: The transcription factor Gli-similar 3 (GLIS3) plays a key role in the development and maintenance of pancreatic beta-cells as well as in the regulation of Insulin gene expression in adults. Accordingly, genome-wide association studies identified GLIS3 as a susceptibility locus for type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) and glucose metabolism traits. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the association of the rs7020673 (G/C) and r...

ea0063p164 | Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 1 | ECE2019

CGI-58 gene expression is decreased in the subcutaneous adipose tissue of patients with obesity

Sortica Denise , Rheinheimer Jakeline , de Souza Bianca , de Oliveira Mayara , Moehlecke Milene , Leitao Cristiane , Carla Bauer Andrea , Crispim Daisy

Background and aims: In adipose tissue, excess of energy is stored inside cytosolic lipid droplets as triglycerides. During fasting or exercise, the stored fat is mobilized for utilization as free fatty acids and glycerol via lipolysis. The complete lipolysis of triglycerides is mediated by the orchestrated activation of adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL) and hormone-sensitive lipase, which have been associated with obesity. There is compelling evidence that the protein compar...

ea0035p366 | Diabetes (epidemiology, pathophysiology) | ECE2014

Association between UCP polymorphisms and BMI changes: A cross-sectional study and meta-analysis

Brondani Leticia , Assmann Tais , de Souza Bianca , Boucas AnaPaula , Bauer Andrea Carla , Canani Luis Henrique , Crispim Daisy

Aims: Some studies have reported associations between uncoupling protein (UCP) 1–3 polymorphisms and obesity or related-features. However, other studies have failed to confirm these associations. Thus, this study describes a cross-sectional study and a meta-analysis conducted to attempt to determine whether the -3826A/G (UCP1), -866G/A, Ala55Val and Ins/Del (UCP2) and -55C/T (UCP3) polymorphisms are associated with body mass index (BMI)...

ea0049ep457 | Diabetes (to include epidemiology, pathophysiology) | ECE2017

The T allele of the rs1746661G/T polymorphism in FNDC5 (irisin) gene is associated with increased systolic blood pressure

Brondani Leticia A. , Boucas Ana Paula , Assmann Tais S. , Reichelt Angela J. , Martins-Costa Sergio , Weinert Leticia S. , Silveiro Sandra P. , de Souza Bianca M. , Crispim Daisy

Background: Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes and both conditions are characterized by insulin resistance (IR) and decreased insulin production by pancreatic beta-cells. FNDC5 gene encodes a type I membrane protein that is proteolytically processed to form a hormone secreted into the blood, termed irisin. After induction by exercise, irisin activates profound changes in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, stimulating browning and UCP1 gene e...

ea0063p155 | Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 1 | ECE2019

Improvement of human pancreatic islet quality after co-culture with human adipose-derived stem cells

de Souza Bianca , Rodrigues Michelle , de Oliveira Fernanda , da Silva Liana , Boucas Ana Paula , Portinho Ciro , dos Santos Bruno , Camassola Melissa , Martini Juliano , Leitao Cristiane , Nardi Nance , Bauer Andrea Carla , Crispim Daisy

Introduction: Pancreatic islet transplantation is an effective treatment for patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) with unstable metabolic control. However, the quality of islets isolated from a donor is negatively affected by the inflammatory environment related to the donor’s brain death and by the stress related to islet isolation and culture. To overcome islet quality loss, some studies have co-cultured islets with mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs). Considering...