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Evaluation of visceral protein malnutrition in morbid obese patients operated on laparoscopic gastric bypass

Rosa Casañ , Carlos Morillas , Eva Sola , Katherinne García , Jesus Yanini , Ana Jover , Marcelino Gomez & Antonio Hernández


Endocrinology Department, Doctor Peset University Hospital, Valencia, Spain.

Morbid obesity is associated with a decreased life expectancy and a myriad of serious medical problems. The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGBP) is the most effective procedure for the treatment of these patients, but it can be responsible of early and late complications. The aim of this prospective study was to evaluate the rate of visceral protein malnutrition (VPM) in morbid obese (MO) patients two years after laparoscopic RYGBP. Albumin (Alb), prealbumin (Prealb), transferrin (Transf), retinol binding globulin (RBG), C3-complement factor (C3) plasma levels, and lymphocyte count (Lymph) were measured before and 2 years after RYGBP. Data were evaluated using paired Student t-test. Data were available for 46 patients (9 men and 37 women). Mean age: 38.5±11 years; mean follow-up time: 24± 9 months.

Results: No differences were observed in Prealb, RBG, Transf or Lymph count. Before surgery, 1 patient (2.2%) had C3 values under normal levels, and after surgery 4 patients (8.7%) had C3 values under normal levels.

Baseline24 monthsP
Weight (kg)124.8±17.784.8±15.9<0.001
BMI (kg/m2)47.8±6.732.5±6.3<0.001
Alb (mg/dL)3.93±0.43.89±0.30.08
C3 (mg/dL)132.5±20.9103.1±16.9<0.001

Conclusions: 1- There were no changes in main visceral protein plasma levels: Alb, Prealb, Transf, and RBG in MO patients after 2 years of RYGBP. 2- A significant decrease of C3 values was observed in these patients, without changes in lymphocyte count. In spite of this decrease, C3 levels remained in most patients between the normal range. 3- RYGBP seems to be an effective procedure to treat morbid obesity which does not cause VPM, but immunity should be assessed.

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