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Diabetic patient’s evaluation of continuous glucose monitoring sensors versus capillary glucose measurements

Guilermo Martínez De Pinillos Gordillo , Amaya Fernández-Argüelles & Juan Manuel Garcí-Quirós Jm


Hospital Virgen Macarena, Sevilla, Spain.

Objective: To evaluate the monitoritation systems acceptance: capillary glucose measurements and continuous glucose sensors (CGSM and GUARDIAN).

Research design and methods: 15 diabetics patients were monitoritatied in two diferents periods of time. (Period 1: Guardian, 86 hours long. Period 2: CGSM 72 hours long). Later, they had to fill a satisfaction questionnaire concerning several aspects which were valued from 0–6.

Table 1
System satisfaction4.4Ns4.2Ns3.8
Information given4.8Ns4.9Ns5.1
Recomendable system4.9Ns5.1P<0.054.1
Wish to continue4.4Ns3.8Ns3.1
Interference with: work1.8Ns1.3P<0.052.5
social life1.5Ns1.1P<0.052.1
physical activity1.1P<0.052.7Ns3.1
sexual life0.5P<0.052.5P<0.053.5
dream quality0.3P< 0.051.5Ns2.3

Conclusions: The information given both by capillary mesearuments and continous clucose sensors was valued positively by our patients without significative differences between them but with a bigger acceptance with the Guardian. Real time monitorization did not generate greater anxiety than the blind registry. Glucemia sensors interfere in the daily life of the patients in most of the studied aspects but less with the Guardian than the CGSM sensor.

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