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ea0081oc8.6 | Oral Communications 8: Calcium and Bone | ECE2022

Dose-range analysis of the effects of the long-acting parathyroid hormone analog AZP-3601 versus PTH(1-34) delivered by daily injection or continuous infusion on blood calcium levels and bone metabolism in thyroparathyroidectomized (TPTX) rats

Aksu Cagri , Culler Michael D , Gardella Thomas

AZP-3601, a long-acting PTH/PTHrP(1-36) analog, is a candidate new treatment option for hypoparathyroidism (HP). As compared to conventional PTH(1-34), AZP-3601 binds with higher affinity to the R0 conformation of the PTH-1 receptor, resulting in prolonged signaling and sustained elevations in blood calcium (Ca++) in vivo, despite a very short circulating half-life. We assessed whether repeated injection of AZP-3601 into TPTX rats at doses aimed to normalize serum C...

ea0081p148 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2022

AZP-3813, a bicyclic 16-amino acid peptide antagonist of the human growth hormone receptor as a potential new treatment for acromegaly

Milano Stephane , Kurasaki Haruaki , Tomiyama Tatsuya , Reid Patrick , Jan Van der Lely Aart , Culler Michael D.

Medical treatment of acromegaly is based on either suppressing pituitary GH secretion or inhibiting GH action by preventing interaction with its receptor in order to suppress the elevated levels of IGF1. AZP-3813 is a 16-amino acid, bicyclic peptide antagonist of the GH receptor (GHR) derived from peptide sequences discovered using a unique, cell-free in vitro transcription-translation system screened against the human GHR, and that was optimized by rational design to increase...

ea0063oc6.1 | Obesity | ECE2019

Impaired glucose homeostasis in leptin-deficient ob/ob mice is corrected by AZP-3404, a 9-amino acid peptide analog derived from insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 2, a key mediator of leptin action

Culler Michael D , Delale Thomas , Milano Stephane , van der Lely Aart Jan , Abribat Thierry , Clemmons David

The key metabolic hormone, leptin, acts in part through the liver to regulate glucose homeostasis, as well as the maturation of both adipocytes and osteoblasts. These actions have been demonstrated to be mediated by insulin-like growth factor binding protein 2 (IGFBP-2), independent of its ability to bind IGF1. The effects of IGFBP-2 on adipocyte and osteoblast maturation can be localized to a short peptide sequence within the unique heparin binding domain (HBD-1) of IGFBP-2. ...

ea0073oc6.5 | Oral Communications 6: Calcium and Bone | ECE2021

Safety, tolerability and pharmacodynamics of AZP-3601, a novel long-acting PTH analog, in healthy adults: Data from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 1 study

Allas Soraya , Ovize Michel , Culler Michael D. , Geraul Clarisse , Jeroen van de Wetering , Mannstadt Michael

Hypoparathyroidism is a rare disease characterized by a deficiency in parathyroid hormone (PTH) that results in hypocalcemia and hyperphosphatemia. Current treatment approaches, including high dose oral calcium and active vitamin D, as well as recombinant human PTH (1–84), do not provide adequate or consistent control of either serum calcium or clinical symptoms over a full 24-hour period. AZP-3601 is a novel 36 amino-acid PTH analog that has been designed to potently bi...

ea0014p114 | (1) | ECE2007

Somatostatin and dopamine receptor regulation and effects of a new somatostatin/dopamine chimeric compound on cell proliferation of the human androgen-dependent prostate cancer cell line LNCaP

Arvigo Marica , Ruscica Massimiliano , Dozio Elena , Culler Michael D , Minuto Francesco , Motta Marcella , Magni Paolo , Ferone Diego

The increasing use of somatostatin (SRIF) analogues prompted extensive investigations on SRIF receptor (SSR) in human tumours. Human prostate cancer (PCa) may differentially express SSRs from the normal tissue. Moreover, SSR and dopamine (D) receptors (DR) may interact to form homo- and heterodimers with enhanced functional activity. In the present study, using the human androgen-dependent PCa cell line LNCaP, we investigated: 1) SSR and DR subtype expression in different cult...

ea0014p115 | (1) | ECE2007

Somatostatin receptor regulation and effects of somatostatin and somatostatin analogues on cell proliferation of the human androgen-dependent prostate cancer cell line LNCaP

Ruscica Massimiliano , Arvigo Marica , Dozio Elena , Culler Michael D , Minuto Francesco , Motta Marcella , Ferone Diego , Magni Paolo

Somatostatin (SRIF) has been demonstrated to inhibit in vitro proliferation of normal and transformed cells via SRIF receptors (SSRs). Moreover, like other neuroendocrine molecules, SRIF and SSRs may play a significant role in the progression and neuroendocrine differentiation of human prostate cancer (PCa). However, conflicting results have been reported in the literature on SSR heterogeneity and specific cell localization in PCa. In the present study, using the human ...

ea0073oc12.2 | Oral Communications 12: Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2021

Improved glucose metabolism and decreased weight gain in leptin-resistant, IGFBP2-deficient, db/db mice induced by AZP-3404, a 9-amino acid analog of IGFBP2

Culler Michael D. , Milano Stéphane , Ovize Michel , Delale Thomas , van der Lelij Aart Jan , Clemmons David

Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-2 (IGFBP2) has been demonstrated to be a key mediator of the peripheral actions of leptin, and its deficiency is associated with impaired metabolic function. The metabolic activity of IGFBP2 can be localized to a unique heparin-binding domain (HBD-1) within its structure. AZP-3404 is a 9-amino acid analog of the IGFBP2 HBD-1 that has been demonstrated to increase glucose uptake by differentiated mouse myotubes in vitro, and to increas...

ea0035p516 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2014

The truncated somatostatin receptor sst5TMD4 stimulates the production of pro-angiogenic factors in in vitro and in vivo breast cancer models

Luque Raul M , Duran-Prado Mario , Rincon-Fernandez David , Hergueta-Redondo Marta , Culler Michael D , Moreno-Bueno Gema , Gahete Manuel D , Castano Justo P

The presence of the truncated somatostatin receptor sst5TMD4 has been correlated with poor prognosis in breast cancer tumorsand its overexpression in breast cancer derived cell lines is associated with increased cell malignancy. The objective of this study was to examine the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying this association in order to identify new molecular targets for diagnosis, prognosis or therapy of these tumors. Accordingly, in this study, a breast cancer der...

ea0032p514 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2013

Characterization and sub-cellular localization of somatostatin receptors in DU-145 and PC-3 human androgen-independent prostate cancer cells: effect of mono- and bi-specific somatostatin analogs on cell growth

Ruscica Massimiliano , Arvigo Marica , Steffani Liliana , Gatto Federico , Albertelli Manuela , Culler Michael D. , Valenti Luca , Minuto Francesco , Macchi Chiara , Ferone Diego , Magni Paolo

Somatostatin (SRIF) is an inhibitory hormone that plays a regulatory role in several cell functions including cell proliferation. SRIF acts through five specific membrane receptors (sst1-5), expressed on SRIF-target cells. SRIF and ssts may play a significant role in the progression and neuroendocrine differentiation of human prostate cancer (PCa). However, conflicting results have been reported in the literature on ssts heterogeneity and specific cell localization in PCa. Aim...

ea0073aep644 | Thyroid | ECE2021

Assessment of clinical burden and practice patterns in patients with chronic hypoparathyroidism in the united states (us): a claims data analysis using diagnosis-based criteria

Sharma Dolly , L Deering Kathleen , Allas Soraya , Culler Michael D. , Loustau Patrick , Weiss Blandine , Michelle Mitchell Deborah , Astolfi Danette , Mannstadt Michael

ObjectivesThere is a paucity of real-world studies analyzing comorbidities, lab testing and treatment patterns of patients with chronic hypoparathyroidism (cHP). This study describes a large cohort of cHP patients identified using a diagnosis-based approach from a US claims database.MethodsThis retrospective study was conducted using a large (130 million individuals) claims database (HealthVerity Closed Payer...