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ea0081ep181 | Calcium and Bone | ECE2022

Small and foudroyant parathyroid carcinoma with lung metastasis and no local invasion at diagnosis

Grigorie Daniel , Ghemigian Mircea , Ioachim Dumitru , Florescu Cristina , Sucaliuc Alina

Parathyroid carcinoma (PC) rarely presents with metastasis at diagnosis and usually in patients also having gross local invasion.Case presentation: We report the case of a 51-year-old postmenopausal woman presenting at our institution in June 2019 with symptomatic hypercalcemia (fatigue, polyuria, constipation and bone pain), but with a surprisingly good general condition. She had been treated with bisphosphonates for osteoporosis (DXA: LS T score &#8722...

ea0063p788 | Thyroid 2 | ECE2019

Riedl thyroiditis associated with intense cervical pain

Verdes Andreea , Capatina Cristina , Dumitrascu Anda , Ioachim Dumitru

Introduction: Riedl thyroiditis is a rare thyroid disorder of unknown etiology (autoimmune assumed), in which the gland is invaded by dense fibrous tissue, that extends in the vicinity. Goiter is usually painless and can be accompanied by other fibrous affections (retroperitoneal fibrosis, sclerosing cholangitis, mediastinal fibrosis).Case presentation: Patient, 39 years old, smoker, from nonendemic area, initially presents in 2011 with voluminous polyno...

ea0038p452 | Thyroid | SFEBES2015

Diagnostic and therapeutic challenges in medullary thyroid carcinoma

Dobrescu Ruxandra , Baciu Ionela , Ioachim Dumitru , Badiu Corin

Medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) is an aggressive form of malignancy, virtually incurable except by complete surgical resection. With insidious onset and occasional rare clinical variants, it is often diagnosed late in the course of disease and has a poor prognosis. We aimed to evaluate diagnostic efficiency, treatment modalities and outcome in patients admitted to our department between 2004 and 2015, diagnosed with MTC, with emphasis on rare clinical presentations. We ident...

ea0037ep1322 | Clinical Cases–Thyroid/Other | ECE2015

Concurrent hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer – case presentations

Gheorghiu Monica Livia , Ioachim Dumitru , Stanescu Bogdan , Brasoveanu Daniel

Introduction: The coexistence of hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer is rare (below 2% of cases with hyperthyroidism). If this association predisposes to larger, multifocal or more aggressive cancer (especially in Graves’ disease) is a matter of debate. We describe the clinical and hystopathological aspects and evolution in two patients with hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer.Patient 1, a 42-year-old woman, was diagnosed in 2008 with Graves’ dis...

ea0034p426 | Thyroid | SFEBES2014

Small papillary thyroid carcinoma: a ‘benign’ condition?

Dobrescu Ruxandra , Ioachim Dumitru , Simioniuc Anca , Badiu Corin , Goldstein Andrei

Often discovered incidentally, small foci (≤2 cm) of papillary thyroid carcinomas (PTC) are its most frequent presentation. Despite favourable prognosis, the extent of surgery and use of radioablation is still controversial.Objective: Prospective cohort study of all patients admitted between 2007 and 2011, for thyroid surgery in the Institute of Endocrinology, Bucharest, Romania, and had pT1a or pT1b PTC.Patients and methods:...

ea0090p507 | Thyroid | ECE2023

Prevalence and clinico-pathological correlations of BRAF V600E and TERT promoter mutations in differentiated thyroid cancer in Romania

Dobrescu Ruxandra , Schipor Sorina , Muresan Andrei , Ioachim Dumitru , Goldstein Andrei , Manda Dana , Vladoiu Suzana , Badiu Corin

Background: Differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) encompases a wide spectrum of disease from clinically insignificant micro-tumors to aggressive cancers. The molecular signature can be used to predict tumor behaviour, and the co-existence of BRAF and TERT promoter mutations has been identified as a marker of adverse prognosis, but we have yet no available molecular data for the Romanian population.Objectives: To determine the prevalence of BRAF V600E and T...

ea0090ep652 | Endocrine-related Cancer | ECE2023

Different phenotype of familial RET mutation in 2 patients: Medullary thyroid carcinoma and Adrenal Paraganglioma

Naglabeala Laura , Milicescu Alexandra , Galoiu Simona , Braha Elena , Muresan Andrei , Ioachim Dumitru , Ghemigian Mircea , Poiana Catalina

Introduction: RET proto-oncogene is situated on chromosome 10 and encodes a tyrosine kinase receptor. A germline mutation of RET leads to the appearance of MEN 2 syndrome or familial medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC). One of the most common germline mutation occurs in codon 634. Pheochromocytoma penetrance for codon 634 mutation was demonstrated to increase with age up to 88% by age 77 years.Aim: To present two familial cases of RET mutation illustrating...

ea0090ep658 | Endocrine-related Cancer | ECE2023

Clear cell renal carcinoma synchronous with various endocrine pathologies

Petria Andreea Raluca , Lazar Diana-Georgiana , Elena Oros Sabina , Ioachim Dumitru , Ionut Constantin Teodor , Grigorie Daniel

Introduction: Clear cell renal carcinoma (ccRCC) is a subtype of renal cell carcinoma, the most frequent one (80%) and usually affecting only one kidney. It is twice as common in men than women between 50 to 70 years old. It can be associated with some genetic conditions that predispose patients to ccRCC, like Von Hipple-Lindau disease. Some clinical observations and molecular studies raised the hypothesis that RCC is a hormone−dependent tumor.Case...

ea0067gp2 | Poster Presentations | EYES2019

Coexistence of papillary thyroid cancer and sarcoidosis – how many associated complications?

Lazar Diana G , Oros Sabina E , Dobrescu Mariana , Dumitrescu Anda , Dumitru Ioachim , Goldstein Liviu , Ghemigian Mircea

Background: Papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) incidence has increased substantially over the last decades. Although 4% of thyroid cancers may induce a sarcoid reaction in the thyroid gland, sarcoidosis (SA) as a disease may exist with PTC, although causality remais uncertain and their coexistence is rarely reported in the literature. They occurs in both genres, between 30–40 years, but females are more predisposed.Case presentation: A 65-year-old man, ...

ea0041ep1025 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2016

Ectopic thyroid tissue in the midline of the neck coexisting with a normally located thyroid gland

Marin Veronica , Trifanescu Raluca , Dumitrascu Anda , Ioachim Dumitru , Goldstein Andrei , Poiana Catalina

Introduction: Ectopic thyroid tissue (ETT) is a rare entity; it is more frequent in women (80%) and is usually located along the obliterated thyroglossal duct. ETT in the midline is even rarer (1.79%). Incidence of malignancy in this group is lower than in orthotopic thyroid nodules.Case report: A 40 years old woman, resident in iodine sufficient area, but originating from an iodine deficient area, presented for a midline neck mass. TSH and FT4 were meas...