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ea0041ep875 | Pituitary - Clinical | ECE2016

Gender aspects in the biochemical control of acromegaly in Austria: evaluation of 607 cases from the Austrian Acromegaly Registry

Vila Greisa , Dobnig Harald , Knosp Engelbert , Schnack Christoph , Franz Holger , Finkenstedt Gerd , Leb Georg , Luger Anton

The Austrian Acromegaly Registry is an initiative of the Austrian Society for Endocrinology and Metabolism. This database includes 607 patients (54% females) followed in twelve centers. Mean treatment period is 10.7 years (range 0–50 years), the total number of patient-years is 6470. Here we report gender-specific differences in the presentation, therapy and biochemical control of acromegaly in patients included in this registry.Mean age at diagnosi...

ea0022s1.6 | European networks | ECE2010

The European Registry on Cushing's syndrome (ERCUSYN) database: first year experience

Webb Susan , Santos Alicia , Trainer Peter , Strasburger Christian , Lamberts Steven , Wass John , Feelders Richard , Franz Holger

The ERCUSYN (European Registry on Cushing’s syndrome (CS)) study is a project funded by the European Commission Public Health Program (PHP 800200), of which the ESE is one of the 41 Partners from 25 countries. The aims include obtaining prospective and follow-up data at EU level on epidemiology, mortality, outcome of therapies, co-morbidities, assessment of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies, quality of life evaluation using a disease-generated questionnaire (CushingQo...

ea0014p138 | (1) | ECE2007

Initial presentation of patients with acromegaly - analysis of the German acromegaly register

Petersenn Stephan , Reincke Martin , Buchfelder Michael , Franz Holger , Quabbe Hans-Jürgen

Due to its rarity, initial endocrine abnormalities in acromegaly are difficult to investigate in a large cohort, especially with respect to cofounding variables. We searched the German Acromegaly Register for data on the first presentation of patients with acromegaly.Up to November 2005, 1485 patients with acromegaly had been entered into the database. Male patients demonstrated significantly higher random GH (21.0 (0.2–620.0) ng/ml, median (range))...

ea0026p20 | Adrenal cortex | ECE2011

Clinical presentation of Cushing’s syndrome in a large series from the European Registry on Cushing's syndrome (ERCUSYN)

Valassi Elena , Santos Alicia , Yaneva Maria , Toth Miklos , Strasburger Christian , Chanson Phillippe , Wass John , Chabre Olivier , Pfeifer Marija , Feelders Richard , Tsagarakis Stylianos , Trainer Peter , Franz Holger , Zopf Kathrin , Zacharieva Sabina , Lamberts Steven , Webb Susan

The European Registry on Cushing’s syndrome (ERCUSYN) is designed to collect prospective and follow-up data at EU level on patients with Cushing’s syndrome (CS). Baseline data on 481 CS patients (390 females, 91 males; mean age (±S.D.): 44±14 years) collected from 36 centres in 23 countries. This cohort included new patients since 2008 and retrospective cases since 2005. Patients were divided into four major etiologic groups: pituitary-depend...

ea0063p1107 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology 3 | ECE2019

European observational study of ketoconazole for endogenous cushing’s syndrome in collaboration with European registry on cushing’s syndrome ERCUSYN: PASS ketoconazole study design and rationale

Bostnavaron Martine , Marsault Pauline , Arosio Maura , Bertherat Jerome , Brue Thierry , Chabre Olivier , Chanson Philippe , Duarte Joao Sequeira , Fajardo Carmen , Feelders Richard , Alexandra Hanzu Felicia , Kastelan Darko , Netea-Maier Romana , Newell-Price John , Pereira Alberto , Ragnarsson Oskar , Reincke Martin , Strasburger Christian , Tabarin Antoine , Touraine Philippe , Trainer Peter , Pal Aparna , Zopf Kathrin , Franz Holger , Stalla Gunter , Santos Alicia , Valassi Elena , Werner Sandy , Webb Susan

Introduction and rationale: Cushing’s syndrome (CS) is a rare disease with hypercortisolism caused either by ACTH excess from a pituitary or non-pituitary tumor or by an ACTH-independent primary adrenal overproduction of cortisol. It is associated with significant comorbidities potentially lethal: hypertension, diabetes, coagulopathy, cardiovascular disease, infections, and osteoporotic fractures. It is usually managed by surgery and/or medical treatment with steroidogene...

ea0035oc5.1 | Adrenal & Thyroid | ECE2014

Diagnostic and therapeutic outcome in ERCUSYN: Preliminary report in over 1000 patients

Valassi Elena , Santos Alicia , Brue Thierry , Netea-Maier Romana T. , Feelders Richard A. , Yaneva Maria , Tsagarakis Stylianos , Pfeifer Marija , Chanson Philippe , Chabre Olivier , Zopf Kathrin , Toke Judit , Wass John AH , Droste Michael , Maiter Dominique , Dusek Tina , Komerdus Irina , Franz Holger , Lamberts Steven W.J. , Strasburger Christian J.

The European Registry on Cushing’s Syndrome (ERCUSYN) is designed to collect prospective and follow-up data on patients with Cushing’s syndrome (CS) and currently (Sep 2013) includes 1006 patients (804 F, 202 M; mean age (+S.D.) 44.7±13.3 years) from 57 centers in 28 countries.Six hundred and sixty one (66%) had pituitary-dependent CS (PIT-CS), 242 (24%) adrenal-dependent CS (ADR-CS), and 103 (10%) CS from other etiologies, ...

ea0056oc12.5 | Novel aspects of puberty development and Cushing's disease | ECE2018

Diabetes mellitus and muscle weakness are independently associated with mortality in patients with Cushing’s syndrome. Data from ERCUSYN

Valassi Elena , Tabarin Antoine , Brue Thierry , Feelders Richard A , Reincke Martin , Neteia-Maier Romana , Toth Miklos , Yaneva Maria , Webb Susan M , Tsagarakis Stylianos , Chanson Philippe , Pfeifer Marija , Droste Michael , Komerdus Irina , Kastelan Darko , Maiter Dominique , Chabre Olivier , Franz Holger , Santos Alicia , Strasburger Christian J , Trainer Peter J , Newell-Price John , Ragnarsson Oskar

Background: Patients with active Cushing’s syndrome (CS) have increased mortality.Aims: Evaluate cause of death in a large cohort of CS patients, and establish factors associated with increased mortality.Methods: We analysed 1514 patients included in the European Registry on Cushing’s syndrome (ERCUSYN): 1022 (68%) had pituitary-dependent CS (PIT-CS), 379 (25%) adrenal-dependent CS (ADR-CS), 71 (5%) had an ectopic source ...