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ea0073mte9 | Meet The Expert 9: Sequential osteoporosis treatments | ECE2021

Sequential osteoporosis treatments

Makras Polyzois

Postmenopausal osteoporosis is a chronic condition requiring long-term treatment. Based on personalized patient care the physician should decide the optimal treatment strategy, namely the use of the available osteoanabolic and antiresorptive agents, sequentially or even in combination, in the most effective and safe way. Transitioning from one antiresorptive to another is probably the most common treatment sequence in clinical practice. In this context transition to a potent o...

ea0041ep114 | Bone & Osteoporosis | ECE2016

Bone density in the HIP and the lumbar spine in healthy male population

Kokkoris Panagiotis , Hatzidakis Ioannis , Hatzelis Eleftherios , Makras Polyzois , Toloumis Georgios

Introduction: Low bone density is a frequent finding in both women and men of older age. There is not enough data about bone density in younger adults and especially men. In this study we measured bone density in healthy males per decade of age.Method: We measured bone density (BMD), T-score, Z-score and body mass index (BMI) in 1902 healthy men, age 20–59 years old. The study population was divided into four groups according to th...

ea0099p298 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2024

Current prevalence and patterns of hypolipidemic medication based on real-life nation-wide data on 10, 816, 286 individuals

Mathioudakis Konstantinos , Yavropoulou Maria , Evangelia Koloutsou Maria , Makras Polyzois , Liberopoulos Evangelos , Athanasakis Konstantinos

Background: Hypercholesterolemia has an established causal role in the progression of atherosclerosis and development of cardiovascular disease (CVD). In studies carried out after 2002, the estimated prevalence of self-reported dyslipidemia in the Greek population ranges from 11% to 23%, whereas approximately 35% of mortality in Greece is attributed to cardiovascular disease (CVD). Relevant real-life data, however, are scarce.Methods: In the present stud...

ea0070aep131 | Bone and Calcium | ECE2020

Changes in the relative expression of circulating microRNAs linked to bone metabolism in HIV-infected Individuals with low bone mass

Yavropoulou Maria , Kolynou Artemis , Makras Polyzois , Skoura Lemonia , Nanoudis Sideris , Pikilidou Maria , Tsave Olga , Metallidis Simeon , Chatzidimitriou Dimitris

Objective: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients demonstrate an increased risk of osteoporosis and fractures. The pathophysiology of HIV-induced bone loss is complex and remains largely unknown. Recent studies have identified a molecular signature of small non-coding RNAs (microRNAS) in patients with osteoporosis, but data are lacking in HIV-infected patients. The aim of the present study was to investigate the expression profile of microRNAs related to bone met...

ea0070aep160 | Bone and Calcium | ECE2020

Serum and tissue expression profile of microRNAs that regulate genes related to the pathogenesis of sporadic parathyroid adenomas

Yavropoulou Maria , Pazaitou-Panayiotou Kalliopi , Makras Polyzois , Anastasilakis Athanasios , Poulios Chris , Daskalaki Emily , Chrysafi Sofia , Vamvakidis Kyriakos , Vlachodimitropoulos Dimitris , Yovos John

Background: Epigenetic changes appear to be implicated in the development of parathyroid tumors. In this study we investigated the microRNA expression profile in the serum and tissue samples from patients with primary hyperparathyroidism (PHP) due to sporadic parathyroid adenomas (SPAs).Methods: Our study cohort consisted of 40 patients with PHP due to SPAs that underwent parathyroidectomy (PTX).MicroRNA extraction was performed fr...

ea0014p157 | (1) | ECE2007

Prevalence of autonomous cortisol and aldosterone secretion in patients with a single benign cortical adrenal adenoma after modification of the diagnostic tests

Piaditis George , Kaltsas Gregory , Kounadi Theodora , Markou Athina , Mazarakis Nikos , Gouli Aggeliki , Makras Polyzois , Papadogias Dimitrios , Dimitriou Kostantina , Stathopoulou Alexandra , Kossyvakis Kostantinos , Despoina Ragkou , Kyriakos Vamvakidis , Zografos George , Kontogiorgos George , Chrousos George

Background: The normal cut-offs of screening and diagnostic tests for autonomous aldosterone (AAS) and cortisol (ACS) secretion are poorly defined, mainly due to the presence of adrenal adenomas among those who have served as controls and the stimulating effect of ACTH on aldosterone secretion.Methods: We investigated cortisol and aldosterone secretion in 151 patients with benign cortical adrenal adenomas (BCAA) and in 119 healthy controls with a normal ...