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ea0081p752 | Thyroid | ECE2022

Thyroid Cystic Papillary Carcinomas - What′s visible is not always seen

Roque Catarina , Fonseca Ricardo , Sofia Osorio Ana

The vast majority of thyroid cancers are solid. Predominantly cystic tumors occur in <3% cases. Guidelines report as US characteristics consistently associated with a higher risk of malignancy eccentric position of the solid component, acute angle interface and microcalcifications and as less robustly associated lobulated margins and increased vascularity of the solid portion. We reviewed the US characteristics of predominantly cystic papillary carcinomas confirmed on hist...

ea0081ep65 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2022

False positive metanephrines in high risk patient for pheochromocytoma

Fonseca Ricardo , Roque Catarina , Osorio Ana Sofia

BackgroundFalse positive results are common in the screening of pheochromocytoma. Even in high risk patients with disorders related to multiple endocrine neoplasia it’s crucial to exclude possible interferences with analytical methods.Clinical caseA 69 year-old man was submitted to total thyroidectomy, due to a 11 mm hypoechogenic nodule suspicious of papillary carcinoma (FNA). Histology confirmed medull...

ea0081ep92 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2022

Very high urinary free cortisol levels in patients treated with tuberculostatics

Roque Catarina , Osorio Ana Sofia , Fonseca Ricardo

Introduction: Pharmacologically induced false positive results in urinary free cortisol levels (UFCL) have been ascribed to 11βHSD-2 inhibition or direct interference on HPLC. Few drugs have been implicated by mechanisms not yet confirmed.Case Reports: We report 3 patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) and very high UFCL, 2-6× above the upper limit of reference [mean levels 3411 μg/24 h (RR 167-827)]. The 2 males and the woman ag...

ea0041gp63 | Clinical Case Reports | ECE2016

Triple X and premature ovarian insufficiency – case report

Roque Catarina , Moniz Catarina , Vasconcelos Carlos

Introduction: Premature ovarian insufficiency is characterized by precocious depletion of ovarian follicles, associated with amenorrhea, hypoestrogenism and high gonadotropin levels. It afflicts 1% of the female population and in 5% cases it is due to X chromosome abnormalities.Case report: A 22 year old previously healthy female, presented to the Endocrinology Clinic due to amenorrhea. She had no family history of amenorrhea, her menarche was at age 11 ...

ea0090p527 | Thyroid | ECE2023

Preoperative thyroid tumor markers significance - two case reports of misleading values

Fonseca Ricardo , Roque Catarina , Sofia Osorio Ana , Castro Oliveira Sofia

Background: Basal tumor markers are valuable in preoperative evaluation of medullary thyroid carcinoma (Calcitonin and CEA), but are insensitive and nonspecific for papilary thyroid cancer (thyroglobulin). Even if their utility is questionable or not recomended in the evaluation of thyroid nodules, in some cases refered to endocrinology department they are available and can be misleading. We present two cases of thyroid nodules with very high preoperative tumor markers.<p ...

ea0063p888 | Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 3 | ECE2019

Maturity onset diabetes of the young type 5 – report of one phenotype

Roque Catarina , Ferrinho Catia , Cunha Clara , Oliveira Manuela

Introduction: MODYs are being identified more frequently but the rarity of some types still precludes in-dept knowledge of their natural course of disease. One of this rare forms is MODY 5, the result of a mutation on the hepatocyte nuclear factor 1 beta (HNF-1B) gene that associates with genitourinary and pancreatic malformations/dysfunction.Case report: A 24-year-old female was referred to the Endocrinology clinic due to hyperglycaemia identified on pr...

ea0063ep117 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2019

Primary amenorrhea at age 37 – case report

Roque Catarina , Ferreira Rute , Duarte Joao Sequeira , Oliveira Manuela

A female patient was first referred to the Endocrinology department due to primary amenorrhea at age 37. She mentioned trans-sphenoidal surgery at age 15 due to a craniopharyngioma and the indication to be supplemented with hydrocortisone (HC) and DDAVP, that she adhered to until age 20, when she abandoned all appointments. Apart from that, she mentioned normal pubertal development and said she was generally healthy. She denied any episodes compatible with Addisonian crises. F...

ea0049ep1295 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2017

Treatment of toxic multinodular goiter with 131 radioactive iodine – effects in volume reduction, thyroid function and autoimmunity

Roque Catarina , Sousa Santos Francisco , Pilli Tania , Pacini Furio

Abstract: Radioiodine is a definite treatment option for toxic goiter. We have evaluated volume reduction, function and autoimmunity outcomes with a 15 mCi fixed regimen. Patients with at least one US evaluation before and after Iodine-131 therapy and with at least one year of follow-up were included. TSH, free-T4, antibodies and goiter volume before and yearly after Iodine-131 treatment were analysed for the length of the entire follow-up. The total 151 patients, 72.6% female...

ea0070aep631 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2020

Functional panhypopituitarism of anorexia

Roque Catarina , Sousa Santos Francisco , Sequeira Duarte João

A 30-year-old male was admitted to the neurotraumatology ward after head trauma with cerebral concussion, subdural & subarachnoidal haemorrhage. The Endocrinologist was called to evaluate high urinary debits. The patient was healthy until 4 years before admission. He enrolled on variate patterns of alimentary restriction that resulted in the loss of 28 kg. Since then he had visited multiple doctors (Cardiology, Haemathology, Psychiatry, Gastroenterology, Urology, Endocrino...

ea0070ep458 | Thyroid | ECE2020

Suspicious thyroid nodule in subacute thyroiditis

Fonseca Ricardo , Roque Catarina , Germano Ana , Sousa Raquel , Aldomiro Fernando

Background: Subacute thyroiditis is an inflammatory condition, most likely of viral origin, which typically presents wit low anterior neck pain, fever and transient thyrotoxicosis. Ultrasonography (US) usually shows a diffuse thyroid enlargement with ill-defined hypoechoic areas.Case: A 55-year old women was admitted in the emergency room, with 2 weeks of anterior neck pain, cervical compressive symptoms of dysphagia, fever and palpitations. On physical ...