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ea0032p189 | Cardiovascular Endocrinology & Lipid Metabolism | ECE2013

Metabolic profile of transsexual persons on cross-sex hormonal therapy in a multi-center prospective intervention study

Van Caenegem Eva , Wierckx Katrien , Taes Youri , Kaufman Jean-Marc , Schreiner Thomas , T'Sjoen Guy

Introduction: Gender differences in insulin resistance, body composition and lipid profile are well known and related to sex steroid hormones. In this study, we examine the metabolic profile of transsexual persons undergoing drastic sex steroid changes, during the first year of hormonal therapy.Design: This research is part of a prospective intervention study conducted in several European gender teams (Ghent, Oslo, Amsterdam, and Florence).<p class="...

ea0032p968 | Steroid metabolism and action | ECE2013

Androgenic and estrogenic regulation of skeletal muscle mass and atrophy signaling in male mice

De Naeyer Helene , Everaert Inge , De Spaey Annelies , Kaufman Jean-Marc , Taes Youri , Derave Wim

Background: Hypogonadism in men is associated with low muscle mass and force. Although, androgen replacement is an effective therapy, it can have undesirable side effects. Identifying the androgen regulated molecular mechanisms that increase muscle mass and function could lead to the identification of novel muscle-specific therapeutic targets to improve the clinical outcomes of muscle wasting diseases. In this study, we examined in mice the effects of orchidectomy (after 1, 7 ...

ea0032p977 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2013

Determinants of between-subject variation in thyroid hormone status in healthy young men

Roef Greet , Taes Youri , Toye Kaatje , Verstraete Alain , Kaufman Jean-Marc

Background: Interindividual variation in thyroid hormone concentrations is greater than intraindividual variation, suggesting that individuals have different set-points for pituitary–thyroid axis function. Variation in thyroid hormone levels within the normal range has clinical effects and is associated with a number of clinical parameters such as bone mass, BMI, metabolic parameters, and heart rate. The aim of this study was therefore to gain a better insight into the de...

ea0022p744 | Steroid metabolism &amp; action | ECE2010

Sex steroid status in relation to birth weight and body composition in young healthy men

Roef Greet , Vanbillemont Griet , Lapauw Bruno , Taes Youri , Kaufman Jean Marc

Sex steroid concentrations have a strong genetic determination, but environmental factors and body composition play an important role. Intrauterine growth restriction, evidenced by low birth weight has been associated with altered gonadotropin metabolism. If this relationship is also present across the wide range of birth weight is unkown. Serum sex steroid concentrations were investigated in healthy young brothers in relation to birth weight, body composition and parental ste...

ea0020p671 | Steroid Receptors | ECE2009

Effect of the androgen receptor gene GGN repeat polymorphism on serum testosterone levels in healthy men

Bogaert Veerle , Vanbillemont Griet , Taes Youri , De Bacquer Dirk , Van Steen Kristel , Kaufman Jean-Marc

Objective: The human androgen recteptor (AR) contains a polyglutamine and a polyglycine stretch that are highly polymorphic and are coded by a CAG and GGN repeat, respectively, in exon 1 of the AR gene. Although in vitro studies indicated a possible effect on AR gene tanscription and clinical observations suggest a modulation of androgen action, the functional significance of the GGN repeat remains unclear.We wanted to assess whether the GGN repea...

ea0016p633 | Reproduction | ECE2008

Polymorphisms of the sex hormone-binding globulin gene contribute to the interindividual variation of gonadal steroid hormone blood levels in men

Vanbillemont Griet , Bogaert Veerle , De Bacquer Dirk , Lapauw Bruno , Goemaere Stefan , Taes Youri , Kaufman Jean-Marc

Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) is a plasma glycoprotein responsible for high-affinity binding and transport of sex steroids. In men there is a large interindividual variation of SHBG levels, and consequently of serum total testosterone (T) and serum total estradiol (E2) levels. Family and twin studies suggested a strong genetic contribution to this variation, besides a hormonal and metabolic influence. The aim of this study was to examine the influence of a missense mutat...

ea0071029 | (Non-FDG) functional imaging thyroid incidentaloma | BES2020

(Non-FDG) functional imaging thyroid incidentaloma

Marianne Kerrebrouck , Frank De Geeter , Sara Vandewalle , Youri Taes , Eva Van Caenegem , Annick Van den Bruel

Background: Thyroid incidentaloma are asymptomatic thyroid nodules that are discovered on an imaging study performed to evaluate other structures. Clinically unrecognized thyroid nodules are common and can be found in up to 50–60% of patients at autopsy.1 Increased use of imaging modalities of better quality in the modern era has resulted in an increased detection of incidental thyroid nodules. The prevalence rate is 67% with ultrasonography (US) imaging, 15% w...

ea0035p775 | Obesity | ECE2014

Free vs total testosterone as a marker of Leydig cell function and androgen exposure in obese male adolescents

Vandewalle Sara , Taes Youri , Fiers Tom , Maria Van Helvoirt , Patrick Debode , Jean De Schepper , Kaufman Jean-Marc

Background: Data concerning pubertal development and testosterone (T) in obese male adolescents (ObA) are scarce and contrasting. Underperforming T immunoassays and poor assessment of pubertal development might explain discordant findings. Although SHBG is markedly affected, few studies report free T (FT) levels.Objective: To study if ObA have conserved FT levels despite low total T (TT) and to investigate if FT is a better indicator of androgen exposure...

ea0032p1015 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2013

Associations of (F)T3 and the ratio FT3:FT4 with a cluster of obesity-related cardiovascular risk markers in healthy euthyroid middle-aged men and women

Roef Greet , Rietzschel Ernst , Van Daele Caroline , Taes Youri , De Buyzere Marc , Gillebert Thierry , Kaufman Jean-Marc

Background: We have previously shown that a higher BMI and less favorable body composition are associated with relatively higher FT3 levels (within the euthyroid range) in healthy young men. In this study, we aimed to investigate whether FT3 and the ratio FT3:FT4 are also associated with cardiovascular markers in a healthy euthyroid population of middle-aged men and women.Methods: Thyroid parameters were measur...

ea0020oc6.5 | Paediatric Endocrinology/Bone | ECE2009

Cortical bone size is associated with serum sex hormone-binding globulin levels in healthy men at the age of peak bone mass

Vanbillemont Griet , Lapauw Bruno , Taes Youri , Bogaert Veerle , Goemaere Stefan , Zmierczak Hans-Georg , De Bacquer Dirk , Kaufman Jean-Marc

Background: In elderly men, fracture risk is independently associated with higher serum sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) levels1. Previously, we observed lower free estradiol (E2) and higher SHBG levels in a three-generational family study of men with idiopathic osteoporosis2.Objective: To investigate associations between serum SHBG levels and cortical bone size at age of peak bone mass.Design: S...