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ea0014p389 | (1) | ECE2007

Abnormal calcium metabolism as shown by the Ellsworth-Howard test and its relation to pseudohypoparathyroidism II

Kebapcilar Levent , Yesil Sena , Demir Tevfik

Peudohypoparathyroidism is a heterogenous group of disorders characterized by hypocalcemia, hyperphosphatemia, increased serum concentration of parathormone, and insensivity to biological activity of parathormone.A 45-year-old female was admitted to the regional hospital for check up and routine laboratory studies revealed slightly decreased level of calcium. Her neurologic examination was negative for Chvostek’s and Trousseau’ signs. Laborator...

ea0037ep252 | Calcium and Vitamin D metabolism | ECE2015

Comparison of the pre-operative and post-operative haemogram parameters of the patients with primary hyperparathyroidism

Tunc Ulku Aybuke , Demir Tevfik , Yilmaz Merve , Gedik Arzu

Anaemia prevalence is reported between 5 and 31.8% in patients with PHPT. Anaemia in PHPT shows correlations with serum calcium, PTH, alkaline phosphatase levels, severity of the bone disease and PHPT duration. In this study we compared pre-operative and post-operative haemogram parameters of patients with PHPT who received a parathyroidectomy at our department. We determined the prevelance of pre-operative anaemia, thrombocytopenia, neutropenia and observed if any of this par...

ea0037ep723 | Pituitary: clinical | ECE2015

Determinants of neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio in acromegaly patients

Yilmaz Merve , Gedik Arzu , Demir Tevfik , Cimrin Dilek , Comlekci Abdurrahman

Introduction: Neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio (NLR) is an indicative of the acute phase response. It is a significant indicator of the systemic inflammation, and considered as a poor prognosis indicator in various disease. We aimed to evaluate NLR and its determinants in acromegaly patients.Patients and methods: A retrospective chart review of 40 patients with acromegaly and 45 age and sex matched healthy individuals was performed. Patients with active infec...

ea0020p427 | Diabetes and Cardiovascular | ECE2009

Mean platelet volume in women with previous gestational diabetes and its alteration during pregnancy

Celtik Aygul , Akinci Baris , Demir Tevfik , Yener Serkan , Yesil Sena

Previous gestational diabetes mellitus (pGDM) is associated with insulin resistance which is a well-known risk factor for atherosclerotic diseases. Mean platelet volume (MPV) is an indicator of platelet activation which plays a crucial role in pathogenesis of atherosclerosis.One hundred and five consecutive women with pGDM and 40 healthy women with normal previous pregnancies were included in the study. At the time of enrollment, anthropometric measureme...

ea0037ep62 | Adrenal cortex | ECE2015

Prospective evaluation of cardiovascular risk in subclinical Cushing's syndrome

Yener Serkan , Cekdemir Yasin , Baris Mustafa , Demirpence Mustafa , Demir Tevfik , Secil Mustafa

Introduction: Natural history of adrenal incidentalomas has not been totally understood. Current data from subjects with adrenal incidentalomas demonstrated an increased rate of metabolic disturbances and cardiovascular risk. It has been shown that subjects with subclinical cortisol excess were more susceptible to diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. However, there is no data regarding prospective cardiovascular risk evaluation in subjects with subclinical Cushing’s syndr...

ea0037ep231 | Calcium and Vitamin D metabolism | ECE2015

Is there a relationship between neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio and vitamin D levels in individuals over 65 years of age?

Yilmaz Merve , Gedik Arzu , Demir Tevfik , Eraydin Ayten , Cimrin Dilek , Comlekci Abdurrahman , Eraslan Sevinc

Introduction: Vitamin D deficiency may be an important predisposing factor for infections as well as autoimmune diseases in old individuals. Neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio (NLR), is a meaningful indicator of inflammation throughout the body. In this study we aimed to show, whether or not a relationship exists between vitamin D levels and NLR in patients older than 65 years.Materials and method: Data of 82 patients over 65 years of age was retrospectively ex...

ea0035p501 | Diabetes therapy | ECE2014

Is there a relationship between body composition and insulin regimen modality in type 1 diabetic patients?

Yilmaz Merve , Gedik Arzu , Yilmaz Simge , Bektas Belgin , Cimrin Dilek , Bayraktar Firat , Demir Tevfik

Introduction: Diabetes is characterized by an increase in abdominal fat. This results in a decrease in lean body mass and increase in insulin resistance. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the possible relationship between body composition and insulin regimen modality in type 1 diabetic patients.Materials and methods: Ninety-two type 1 diabetic patient followed in our institution were included in the study. Patients were classified into two groups accor...

ea0032p904 | Pituitary – Clinical (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by IPSEN</emphasis>) | ECE2013

Clinical, hormonal and radiological characteristics of a group of primary empty sella patients

Gedik Arzu , Yilmaz Merve , Demir Tevfik , Bayraktar Firat , Men Suleyman , Eraslan Sevinc , Comlekci Abdurrahman

Background: Primary empty sella is an anatomical term defining the herniation of subarachnoid space within the sella turcica without an underlying factor such as pituitary tumor, surgery, irradiation or trauma.Patients and methods: We retrospectively evaluated clinical, hormonal and radiological data of the patients with primary empty sella syndrome followed in our institution between 2001 and 2012.Results: Ninety-four patients (80...

ea0032p912 | Pituitary – Clinical (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by IPSEN</emphasis>) | ECE2013

Prevalance of cancer in acromegaly patients; a single center data

Gedik Arzu , Yilmaz Merve , Demir Tevfik , Yener Serkan , Bayraktar Firat , Eraslan Sevinc , Comlekci Abdurrahman

Introduction: The growth promoting effects of GH and IGF1 has lead to increasing number of cancer surveillence studies in acromegaly so far. We herein aimed to present the prevalance of cancer in acromegaly patients followed in our institution.Patients and design: We retrospectively analyzed medical records of 151 patients with acromegaly (83 females) followed in our department from 2001 to 2012.Results: Overall, cancer was detecte...

ea0020p23 | Adrenal | ECE2009

IL-6 and osteoprotogerin levels in subjects with non-functioning adrenal adenomas

Yener Serkan , Comlekci Abdurrahman , Yuksel Faize , Comlekci Abdurrahman , Akinci Baris , Demir Tevfik , Yesil Sena

Data regarding cardiovascular risk in subjects with non-functioning adrenal adenoma is limited. The aim of this study is to investigate osteoprotogerin (OPG) and Interleukin-6 (IL-6) levels in subjects with non functioning adrenal incidentalomas.Of 51 subjects without findings of hypercortisolism or other adrenal gland disorders (AI), 32 BMI-unmatched controls (C) and 20 BMI-matched controls (BC) were enrolled. Participants underwent hormonal evaluation ...