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ea0063gp130 | Obesity | ECE2019

Glucagon activity in human adipose precursors

Trabucco Martina , Cantini Giulia , Mannucci Edoardo , Luconi Michaela

Obesity is associated with increased and dysfunctional white adipose mass. In the past, pharmacological approaches have not yielded significant results in terms of stable weight loss. Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor (GLP-1R) agonists (GLP-1RA) used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes have more recently been proposed as anti-obesity drugs due to their relevant effects on weight loss. Furthermore, dual agonists engaging both GLP-1R and glucagon receptor (GCGR) are under invest...

ea0041ep212 | Cardiovascular Endocrinology and Lipid Metabolism | ECE2016

Which are the male factors associated with female sexual dysfunction (FSD)?

Maseroli Elisa , Fanni Egidia , Mannucci Edoardo , Fambrini Massimiliano , Jannini Emmanuele A , Maggi Mario , Vignozzi Linda

It has been generally assumed that partner’s erectile dysfunction (ED), premature (PE) and delayed ejaculation (DE) play a significant role in determining Female sexual dysfunction (FSD). The present study aimed to evaluate the role of perceived male partner’s sexual function and of the referred quality of relationship in determining FSD. A consecutive series of 156 heterosexual women consulting our outpatient clinic for FSD between January and December 2014 was retr...

ea0037ep527 | Diabetes (complications & therapy) | ECE2015

Is early measurement of HbA1c useful for the prediction of treatment response in type 2 diabetes?

Luconi Michaela , Nreu Besmir , Samavat Jinous , Ognibene Agostino , Monami Matteo , Mannucci Edoardo

HbA1c, which is correlated with 3-month mean glycaemia, is usually measured every 3–6 months. Effects of variations of treatment are routinely assessed through HbA1c not earlier than 3 months. Glycated albumin (GA) has been proposed as an indicator of shorter-term (2-week) glucose control Aim of the present pilot study was to explore the possibility of predicting 3-month HbA1c by measuring HbA1c or GA at 15–30 days. Twenty-seven metformin-treated patients with type 2...

ea0035p207 | Cardiovascular Endocrinology & Lipid Metabolism | ECE2014

Flaccid penile acceleration as a marker of cardiovascular risk in men without classical risk factors

Rastrelli Giulia , Corona Giovanni , Lotti Francesco , Aversa Antonio , Bartolini Marco , Mancini Mario , Mannucci Edoardo , Maggi Mario

Introduction: Conventional cardiovascular (CV) risk factors identify only half of subjects with incident major adverse CV events (MACE). Hence new markers are needed in high CV risk subjects, as those with erectile dysfunction (ED). A role for dynamic peak systolic velocity (D-PSV) at penile color Doppler ultrasound (PCDU) has been suggested, but it is operator-dependent and time-consuming. Flaccid penile acceleration (FPA) is a PCDU parameter that reflects PSV, the systolic r...

ea0035p697 | Male reproduction | ECE2014

Metformin in vitro and in vivo increases adenosine signalling in rabbit corpora cavernosa

Vignozzi Linda , Filippi Sandra , Comeglio Paolo , Cellai Ilaria , Rastrelli Giulia , Morelli Annamaria , Mannucci Edoardo , Maggi Mario

Introduction: In subjects with erectile dysfunction (ED) responding poorly to sildenafil, metformin was reported to improve erections.Aims: To investigate metformin’s mechanism of action on erectile function, particularly focusing on adenosine (ADO), and NO signalling in an animal model of high fat diet (HFD)-induced metabolic syndrome (MetS).Methods: In vitro contractility studies of penile strips. Penile expression ...

ea0035p706 | Male reproduction | ECE2014

Relationship of testis size and LH levels with incidence of major adverse cardiovascular events in older men with sexual dysfunction

Rastrelli Giulia , Corona Giovanni , Lotti Francesco , Boddi Valentina , Mannucci Edoardo , Maggi Mario

Introduction: Measurement of testis volume (TV) is a reliable clinical procedure that predicts reproductive fitness. However, the role of TV in overall and cardiovascular (CV) fitness has never been studied.Aim: The study aims to analyze the clinical correlates of TV in patients with sexual dysfunction (SD) and to verify the value of this parameter and its determinants (i.e., luteinizing hormone (LH) levels) in predicting major adverse CV events (MACE).<...

ea0032p658 | Male reproduction | ECE2013

PSA as a marker of testosterone biological activity

Rastrelli Giulia , Corona Giovanni , Maseroli Elisa , Monami Matteo , Mannucci Edoardo , Forti Gianni , Maggi Mario

Objective: To verify whether, in a large sample of male subjects seeking medical care for sexual dysfunction (SD), prostate-specific antigen (PSA) might represent a reliable marker of testosterone bioactivity, even downstream to its receptor binding.Design: Cross-sectional study.Methods: A consecutive series of 3156 patients attending our Unit for SD studied. Among them, only subjects without history of prostate disease and with PS...

ea0032p668 | Male reproduction | ECE2013

The identification of pre-diabetes condition with ARIC algorithm, predicts long-term CV events in patients with erectile dysfunction

Corona Giovanni , Rastrelli Giulia , Silverii Antonio , Forti Gianni , Mannucci Edoardo , Maggi Mario

Introduction: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) algorithm is one of the most efficient instruments for the prediction of incident type 2 diabetes (T2DM). Recently it has been shown to predict another relevant cardiovascular (CV) risk factor, such as chronic kidney disease.The aim of the present study is to verify whether, in patients with erectile dysfunction (ED), the use of ARIC diabetes risk score might improve the efficacy in predicting ...

ea0032p672 | Male reproduction | ECE2013

Risk factors associated with primary and secondary reduced libido in male patients with sexual dysfunction

Corona Giovanni , Rastrelli Giulia , Jannini Emmanuele , Vignozzi Linda , Mannucci Edoardo , Forti Gianni , Maggi Mario

Introduction: Hypoactive sexual desire is defined as a persistent or recurrent deficient or absent sexual fantasies or desire for sexual activity which should not be comorbid with other medical conditions or with the use of psychoactive medications. Reduced libido is a symptom referring more to a reduction in sexual drive for sexual activity. The aim of the present study is to investigate the risk factors of primary reduced libido (i.e. not associated with conditions causing l...

ea0032p676 | Male reproduction | ECE2013

Two unconventional risk factors for major adverse cardiovascular events in subjects with sexual dysfunction: low education and reported partner's hypoactive sexual desire in comparison with conventional risk factors

Rastrelli Giulia , Corona Giovanni , Daphne Fisher Alessandra , Mannucci Edoardo , Maggi Mario

Introduction: The classification of subjects as low or high cardiovascular (CV) risk is usually performed by risk engines, based upon multivariate prediction algorithms. However, their accuracy in predicting major adverse CV events (MACE) is lower in high-risk populations, since they take into account only conventional risk factors.Aim: To evaluate the accuracy of Progetto Cuore risk engine in predicting MACE in subjects with erectile dysfunction (ED), a...