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ea0067gp16 | Poster Presentations | EYES2019

Association of adrenal cortisol-producing adenoma and invasive papillary thyroid carcinoma in an older patient: coincidence or multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN)?

Iancu Cristina , Gaita Isabela , Tomulescu Victor , Iorgulescu Radu , Capatina Cristina , Radian Serban , Poiana Catalina

Background: Association of differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC) and cortisol-producing adrenal adenoma is not part of the classical MEN syndromes. We present a clinical case raising the question of a common etiology for these tumours.Case Presentation: A 58-year-old female presented in 2010 for the investigation of a 6 cm left adrenal tumour incidentally discovered by abdominal CT. Medical history included smoking, obesity, myocardial infarction, hyper...

ea0063p852 | Adrenal and Neuroendocrine Tumours 3 | ECE2019

Multiple paragangliomas (PGs) of head and neck and middle mediastinum: report of an apparently sporadic case

Maria Baranga Iuliana , Vladan Andreea , Vasilescu Alexandru , Serban Marinela , Stoleru Liviu , Radian Serban , Poiana Catalina

Introduction: PGs are rare neuroendocrine tumours (NETs), slowly growing, derived from the neural crest cells of the autonomous nervous system. Presenting symptoms are related to catecholamine hypersecretion or to mass effect. The optimal approach is dictated by size, symptoms and anatomical relationship of tumours with neurovascular structures.Aim: To describe a patient with bilateral carotid body and mediastinal carotid body PGs....

ea0059p203 | Thyroid | SFEBES2018

Characterization of thyroid nodules in acromegalic patients

Trifanescu Raluca , Galoiu Simona , Niculescu Dan , Baciu Ionela , Capatina Cristina , Radian Serban , Poiana Catalina

Background: Thyroid nodules were reported with high prevalence in acromegalic patients.Patients and methods: 63 acromegalic patients (16 males and 47 females), aged at diagnosis 43.6±12.7 years were retrospectively reviewed. Median duration of acromegaly was 8 years. 25 patients were residents in iodine deficient areas. GH, IGF1, TSH, FT4 were measured by chemiluminescence (Liaison). Thyroid ultrasound was performed. In suspected nodules,...

ea0038p300 | Pituitary | SFEBES2015

The effect of AIP on AHR transcriptional activity: implications for AIP mutations pathogenicity

de Oliveira Andrade Matheus , Soare Dan Sebastian , Radian Serban , Korbonits Marta

Background: AIP mutations cause sporadic and familial pituitary adenomas, but establishing the pathogenic role of missense AIP variants with unknown significance is difficult. The AIP interaction partner AHR – a xenobiotic-activated transcription factor – regulates transcription of xenobiotic-metabolising enzymes, mediates xenobiotic toxicity, and has been implicated in tumorigenesis.Aim: To describe the effect of AIP...

ea0070aep32 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2020

A rare case of functioning adrenocortical oncocytoma of uncertain malignant potential in a young female diagnosed with type 1 neurofibromatosis

Gaita Isabela , Iorgulescu Radu , Cristina Terzea Dana , Danau Razvan , Poiana Catalina , Radian Serban

Background: Adrenocortical oncocytoma is a veryrare adrenal tumor type, usually nonfunctioning and benign. Neurofibromatosistype 1 (NF1) is an autosomal dominant disease caused by mutations of the NF1 gene encoding neurofibromin, a tumor supressor gene that acts by activating a RAS GTP-ase which negatively regulates RAS activity. NF 1 is usually associated with pheocromocytoma, rarely with adrenal carcinoma, and no association with adrenal oncocytoma has been reported.<p c...

ea0032p594 | Female reproduction | ECE2013

PCOS subphenotypes stratification reveals an apparent increase of metabolic syndrome frequency in patients with concomitant hyperandrogenism and menstrual irregularities

Baculescu Nicoleta , Radian Serban , Gussi Ilinca , Gheorghiu Monica , Poiana Catalina , Grigorescu Florin , Coculescu Mihail

Background: PCOS-associated increased metabolic risk may be selective, owing to its heterogeneous nature. Identification of high-risk individuals could enable better studies and prevention of complications.Aim: To characterize the metabolic risk, as metabolic syndrome (MetS), of specific PCOS subphenotypes.Subjects and methods: Romanian PCOS (Rotterdam criteria) and 64 controls, 18–35 years. PCOS subphenotypes were defined: i)...

ea0032p911 | Pituitary – Clinical (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by IPSEN</emphasis>) | ECE2013

The p.R16H AIP sequence variant is relatively frequent in Romanian sporadic pituitary adenoma patients

Radian Serban , Baciu Ionela , Capatina Cristina , Botusan Ileana , Ciubotaru Vasilie , Dumitrascu Anda , Coculescu Mihail , Poiana Catalina

Background: A large spectrum of AIP gene mutations has been identified in familial and sporadic pituitary adenomas (PA) with over 70 different mutations described to date. c.47G>A, p.R16H is an AIP exon 1 variant of unknown significance, its contribution to pituitary adenoma development being controversial.Aim: Characterization of p.R16H prevalence in a large Romanian cohort of PA patients and controls.Patients and methods: spo...

ea0022p498 | Female reproduction | ECE2010

CAG repeat alleles of the androgen receptor are associated with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in the Romanian population

Radian Serban , Baculescu Nicoleta , Aflorei Daniela , Gussi Ilinca , Vladoiu Suzana , Ianas Olga , Grigorescu Florin , Coculescu Mihai

Background: Androgen receptor (AR) activity is modulated by the length of CAG-repeat polymorphism in exon 1. Published data suggest association between CAG-repeat alleles and PCOS, but not all studies confirmed this finding.Aim: To test association of AR alleles with PCOS and clinical and biochemical signs of hyperandrogenism.Study design: Case–control association study, approved by the institutional ethical committee, of 137 ...

ea0022p848 | Thyroid | ECE2010

Angiogenesis: the new orientation in medullary thyroid carcinoma

Iconaru Laura , Terzea Dana , Paun Diana , Vladoiu Suzana , Radian Serban , Ioachim Dumitru , Dumitrache Constantin

Background: Angiogenesis are correlated with the aggressiveness, evolution’s rapidity and appearance of the locally advanced and metastatic medullary thyroid cancer (CMT), but in the same time is a selection criteria for actual therapy tested in the clinical studies.Objective: Study of angiogenesis in patients diagnosticated with CMT.Methods: Our study is conducted for 20 patients with sporadic and familial CMT, who are diagno...

ea0081ep882 | Reproductive and Developmental Endocrinology | ECE2022

Anti-müllerian hormone analysis as a predictor of the polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosis in romanian women

Baculescu Nicoleta , Leonte Laura , Radian Serban , Gheorghiu Monica , Caragheorgheopol Andra , Biban Bianca , Serban Cristina , Grigorescu Florin , Poiana Catalina

Background: Higher anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) values are associated with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and AMH is proposed as a marker of PCOS, however, the optimal diagnostic threshold is not yet defined.Aim: To study the significant correlations of AMH in PCOS and the accuracy and threshold of AMH for the PCOS diagnosis in Romania.Subjects and methods: Serum AMH, TT, LH, FSH, fasting glucose and insulin (Ins), HOMA-IR a...