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ea0037ep1306 | Clinical Cases–Thyroid/Other | ECE2015

Takotsubo cardiomyopathy associated with levothyroxine over-replacement

Balsa Ana Margarida , Ferreira Raquel , Dantas Rosa , Guimaraes Joana

Background: Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (TC) is characterised by acute, transient left ventricular apical ballooning precipitated by emotional or physiologically stressful stimuli and has been previously associated with Graves’ disease based on few clinical reports. More recently, the association with exogenous thyrotoxicosis and radioiodine-induced thyroiditis has also been described. Iatrogenic hyperthyroidism on patients under levothyroxine replacement therapy for hypothy...

ea0049ep106 | Adrenal medulla | ECE2017

Loss diagnosis of pheochromocytoma in the initial evaluation

Azevedo Teresa , Alves Marcia , Guimaraes Joana , Dantas Rosa , Balsa Ana Margarida , Inacio Isabel

Introduction: In most cases, adrenal masses are non-functioning adrenocortical adenomas. On ‘Management of adrenal incidentalomas: European Society of Endocrinology Clinical Practice Guideline’ published in 2016, the experts ‘suggest against repeated hormonal work-up in patients with a normal hormonal work-up at initial evaluation unless new clinical signs of endocrine activity appear or there is worsening of comorbidities’.C...

ea0035p325 | Clinical case reports Thyroid/Others | ECE2014

Hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes mellitus patient – factual ou factitious?

Guelho Daniela , Paiva Isabel , Rodrigues Dircea , Baptista Carla , Saraiva Joana , Moreno Carolina , Dantas Rosa , Vicente Nuno , Cardoso Luis , Carrilho Francisco

Introduction: Factitious hypoglycemia results from surreptitious administration of insulin or insulin secretagogues. It can involve non-diabetic individuals with knowledge of hypoglycemiant drugs, or diabetics manipulating the doses.Clinical case: A 42-year-old women, type 1 diabetic since the age of 14, on intensive insulin therapy (A1C: 8.5%), was hospitalized for study of recurrent severe hypoglycemia in the last 2 months, despite successive insulin d...

ea0063p906 | Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 3 | ECE2019

Gestational Diabetes in Early Pregnancy – what does fasting glucose tell us?

Rosinha Patricia , Dantas Rosa , Alves Marcia , Azevedo Teresa , Inacio Isabel , Ferreira Sara Esteves , Pedrosa Carla , Albuquerque Isabel , Garrett Ana Catarina , Guimaraes Joana

Introduction: The association of fasting glucose (FG) in early pregnancy (EP) with adverse outcomes for the mother and her offspring is well known, although the best cut-offs for diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes (GD) are not consensual.Objetive: Evaluate the impact of FG in EP in the management of pregnant women and obstetric and fetal outcomes.Methods: Retrospective cohort of pregnant women with GD diagnosed before 24 weeks of ge...

ea0063p910 | Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 3 | ECE2019

Gestational Diabetes: what to say about body mass index and outcomes? The influence of prepregnancy body mass index on obstetric and neonatal outcomes of women with gestational diabetes

Ferreira Sara Esteves , Rosinha Patricia , Inacio Isabel , Alves Marcia , Azevedo Teresa , Dantas Rosa , Pedrosa Carla , Ferreira Marilia , Albuquerque Isabel , Fonseca Catarina , Jesus Andreia , Guimaraes Joana

Introduction: Due to the growing prevalence of obesity, more women are overweight in early pregnancy, leading to adverse neonatal and obstetric outcomes.Objective: To evaluate the influence of maternal prepregnancy body mass index (BMI) on blood glucose levels at diagnosis of gestational diabetes (GD), obstetric and neonatal outcomes.Methods: Retrospective observational study including women with GD and singleton pregnancy, with fo...

ea0063p989 | Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 3 | ECE2019

Metformin and Vitamin B12 deficiency: evaluation of vitamin B12, homocysteine and methylmalonic acid levels in type 2 diabetics

Inacio Isabel , Azevedo Teresa , Alves Marcia , Dantas Rosa , Balsa Ana Margarida , Ferreira Sara , Rosinha Patricia , Gomes Fernanda , Fonseca Catarina , Garret Ana , Jesus Andreia , Guimaraes Joana

Introduction: The American Diabetes Association guideline states that the long-term use of metformin may be associated with biochemical vitamin B12 (B12) deficiency and periodic measurement should be considered, although isolated serum B12 measurement has low sensitivity and specificity. Homocysteine (Hcy) and methylmalonic acid (MMA) are more sensitive biomarkers, the latter being more specific.Objectives: To estimate B12 deficiency in type 2 diabetics ...

ea0035p327 | Clinical case reports Thyroid/Others | ECE2014

Hirata disease: a rare form of hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia

Cardoso Luis , Church David , Rodrigues Dircea , Alves Marcia , Guelho Daniela , Saraiva Joana , Moreno Carolina , Dantas Rosa , Vicente Nuno , Semple Robert K. , Carrilho Francisco

Introduction: Insulin autoimmune syndrome or Hirata disease is a rare cause of hypoglycemia without prior insulin exposure. Approximately 400 cases were reported, mostly in Japan. It’s associated with other autoimmune diseases or exposure to sulfhydryl-containing drugs.Case report: A 56-year-old Caucasian woman presented with a 20-month history of hypoglycemia ameliorated by sugar intake. She had a past history of autoimmune thyroiditis, asthma and ...

ea0035p461 | Diabetes complications | ECE2014

Diabetes and end-stage renal disease: clinical evaluation of diabetic renal transplant candidates

Dantas Rosa , Bastos Margarida , Saraiva Joana , Moreno Carolina , Guelho Daniela , Vicente Nuno , Cardoso Luis Miguel , Simoes-Pereira Joana , Guimaraes Joana , Alves Rui , Carrilho Francisco

Introduction: Diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the main causes of end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Renal transplantation is the most effective form or renal replacement.Methods: Retrospective, descriptive study of a sample of 108 diabetic patients admitted as candidates to renal transplant from January 1991 to December 2011, using the SPSS programme, version 20.0.Results: 11 women and 97 men were evaluated (medium age: 58±8.2 y...

ea0070aep1034 | Hot topics (including COVID-19) | ECE2020

Characterization of dyslipidaemia and association of lipoprotein(A) plasma levels with metabolic control in young adults with type 1 diabetes

Inácio Isabel , Ferrreira Sara , Rosinha Patrícia , Azevedo Teresa , Alves Márcia , Dantas Rosa , Balsa Ana Margarida , Guimarães Joana

Introduction: The 2019 European Society of Cardiology/European Atherosclerosis Society lipid guidelines changed the cardiovascular risk categories and LDL-C goals, and suggests that lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] measurement should be considered at least once in adult person’s lifetime. Although young people with type 1 diabetes (T1DM) without major cardiovascular risk factors (CVRF) were previously considered to be at low or moderate risk, they are at least at moderate risk bas...

ea0037ep509 | Diabetes (complications & therapy) | ECE2015

Diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease: two decades of consultation of diabetes and kidney transplant, a retrospective study

Balsa Ana Margarida , Bastos Margarida , Dantas Rosa , Batista Carla , Alves Rui , Roseiro Antonio , Moreno Carolina , Guelho Daniela , Cardoso Luis , Vicente Nuno , Martins Diana , Oliveira Diana , Alves Marcia , Guimaraes Joana , Mota Alfredo , Carrilho Francisco

Introduction: Diabetic nephropathy is the main global cause of end stage renal disease. According to the annual report from the Portuguese National Diabetes Observatory, in 2013, the prevalence of diabetes mellitus (DM) in new cases of chronic kidney disease was 31.2 and 11.1% in kidney transplant patients.Aim: To characterise the population of type 2 diabetic patients admitted in diabetes and kidney transplant consult (DKTC), comparing those admitted be...