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ea0070aep191 | Bone and Calcium | ECE2020

Remission of disseminated parathyroid cancer after multiple surgical interventions because of recurrences in the neck lymph nodes, left lung and liver in a young patient with hyperparathyroidism-jaw tumor syndrome

Krupinova Julia , Mokrysheva Natalia

Background: Parathyroid cancer (PC) is a rare tumor associated with poor prognosis particularly when disseminated. Currently, the only effective treatment is a surgical intervention.Case: Starting from the age of 19 a woman had been suffering from bone pains and change in gait. A low-energy right humerus fracture with displacement occurred when she was 23. At the same time, primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) was diagnosed for the first time (PTH 569 pg/m...

ea0090ep583 | Endocrine-related Cancer | ECE2023

Recurrent parathyroid cancer in a child associated with mutation in CDC73 gene

Kim Ekaterina , Krupinova Julia , Eremkina Anna , Kalinchenko Natalya , Mokrysheva Natalia

Background: Parathyroid cancer (P?) in children is extremely rare, more often sporadic, but may be associated with a germline mutation. The only effective treatment is surgical approach due to the chemo-radio-resistance of PC.Clinical case: A 6-years-old girl presented with weakness, gait disturbance, pain in the limbs, an X-shaped curvature of the legs. At the age of 12, the patient’s well-being worsened sharply. The laboratory examination revealed...

ea0063p116 | Calcium and Bone 1 | ECE2019

Successful removal of parathyroid cancer metastasis from VI thoracic vertebra

Mokrysheva Natalia , Krupinova Julia , Gorbacheva Anna , Teplyakov Valeriy , Rumyantsev Pavel

Background: Approximately 25% of patients with parathyroid carcinoma (PC) have metastases; the most frequent sites include cervical lymph nodes (30%) and lungs (40%). Less common are liver, bones and brain. Surgical resection of local or distant metastases (if possible) provides the best control of hypercalcemia and enhances long-term survival.Case description: A 70-year old patient was admitted to hospital with a primary hyperparathyroidism (PH). He did...

ea0049ep257 | Calcium & Vitamin D metabolism | ECE2017

Normocalcemic versus Hypercalcemic Primary Hyperparathyroidism: a comparative study

Mokrysheva Natalya , Mirnaya Svetlana , Eremkina Anna , Krupinova Julia , Kovaleva Elena

Introduction: Normocalcemic primary hyperparathyroidism (NPHPT) is defined as a condition in which persistently normal serum calcium levels are observed in the presence of high levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH). NPHPT is a new entity which possibly represents a clinically symptomatic disease and which has generated a considerable scientific interest.Aim: To compare the clinical and laboratory data between the normocalcemic and hypercalcemic forms of PH...

ea0049ep318 | Clinical case reports - Thyroid/Others | ECE2017

Clinical case of atypical parathyroid adenoma with severe hypercalcemia and multiple fragility fractures

Eremkina Anna , Mokrysheva Natalia , Krupinova Julia , Mirnaya Svetlana , Voronkova Iya

Introduction: Atypical parathyroid adenoma (APA) is rarely encountered cause of primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT). No definite criteria are considered to distinguish preoperatively APA from parathyroid typical adenoma or carcinoma.The aimTo describe the clinical course of a patient with an atypical parathyroid adenoma with severe hypercalcemia and multiple fragility fractures.Case presentation: A 61-year-old...

ea0049ep347 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2017

Recurrent ectopic parathyroid carcinoma

Krupinova Julia , Mokrysheva Natalia , Eremkina Anna , Pigarova Ekaterina , Mirnaya Svetlana

Background: In most cases of parathyroid carcinoma (PC) only recurrence could be a credible feature of malignancy.Clinical case: At the age of 19 years a woman was diagnosed with urolithiasis. At the age of 22 years she had a surgical resection of the neck nodule at the right site in the projection of carotid triangle. After the histological study, ectopic parathyroid tumor was misdiagnosis with paraganglioma (material is available for review). At the ag...

ea0070ep74 | Bone and Calcium | ECE2020

Clinical case: Complicated differential diagnosis between postsurgical and functional hypoparathyroidism.

Kovaleva Elena , Eremkina Anna , Krupinova Julia , Mokrysheva Natalia

Objective: Postsurgical hypoparathyroidism (HypoPT) is the most common etiology of disease and often occurs after thyroid surgery. However, the differential diagnosis between different forms of HypoPT in some cases remains a challenge. We present the clinical case of postsurgical and functional HypoPT combination.Case description: A 44-year-old female was referred to the Endocrinology Research Centre. She underwent total thyroidectomy for follicular aden...

ea0056p237 | Calcium & Vitamin D metabolism | ECE2018

Intrathyroidal parathyroid carcinoma in a chronic hemodialysis patient: a case report

Mokrysheva Natalya , Krupinova Julia , Kuznecov Sergei , Selivanova lily , Mirnaya Svetlana

Background: Parathyroid carcinoma (PC) is an infrequent pathology, responsible for 0.5–5% of primary hyperparathyroidism cases. Despite the high prevalence of secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients with a chronic kidney disease (CKD), PC among them is extremely rare, with less than 30 cases reported in the literature. The diagnosis of PC in CKD patients is more complex, because of using cinacalcet that reduces the level of calcium and parathyroid hormone (PTH). We repo...

ea0073yi12 | Young Investigator Awards | ECE2021

Preoperative predictors and prognostic factors of recurrence of the parathyroid carcinoma – Data of a multi-center study

Krupinova Julia , Voronkova Iya , Aynetdinova Alina , Pigarova Ekaterina , Mokrysheva Natalia

BackgroundThere are no specific markers for parathyroid carcinoma (PC) therefore, the development of algorithms for identifying high-risk patients is an urgent task.AimsTo determine clinical and laboratory predictors of PC and identify the factors of a poor prognosis.Materials and methodsA multi-center retrospective study included 242 patients with primary hyperpa...

ea0073aep380 | Endocrine-Related Cancer | ECE2021

Multiple metastases of parathyroid carcinoma and papillary thyroid carcinoma in a female patient treated with long-term hemodialysis

Krupinova Julia , Eremkina Anna , Dobreva Ekaterina , Voronkova Iya , Mokrysheva Natalia

The combination of thyroid and parathyroid carcinoma (PC) are extremely rare. We present a case with metastases of both tumors to the lymph nodes of the neck in a woman who received renal replacement therapy with long-term hemodialysis.Case reportIn 1984, when she was 24 years old, the patient began working at a nuclear power plant as a chemical water treatment operator. The total length of service was 25 years. In 2009 (at the age...