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ea0035p210 | Clinical case reports Pituitary/Adrenal | ECE2014

Diabetes insipidus and hypopituitarism in a patient with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Selfa Silvia Maraver , Garach Araceli Munoz , Cesar Maria Jose Picon , Doblas Isabel Mancha , Madueno Francisco Tinahones

Diabetes insipidus is a disease characterized by the inability to concentrate urine. The common form is central diabetes insipidus (CDI) caused by a lack of AVP after destruction of supraoptic–paraventricular nuclei. Further investigations are needed to establish its cause.: Case reportA 38-year-old woman presented with prompt polyuria–polydipsia. She has been taking contraceptive tablets for 2 years, smoked four to five cigarettes per day....

ea0016p205 | Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases | ECE2008

Glycemic variability analyze with different glucometers

de Pinillos Guillermo Martinez , Maraver Silvia , Serrano Isabel , Morales Cristobal , Cuesta Carmen , Sendon Angel

Introduction: Currently self-glycemic control by the patient is essential to achieve a right metabolic control of diabetes. Nowadays, there are different systems that have proved useful for this aim.Objectives: Valuing any possible differences between systems and the relation with glycemia identified in our laboratory.Material and methods: We took blood samples by vein-puncture to 41 patients, and simultaneously we measured capilla...

ea0014p279 | (1) | ECE2007

Family mutation of PRKRA1A associated with Cushing syndrome from pigmented micronodular adrenal dysplasia

Gentil Alfonso , Martin Tomas , Díaz Galvez Milagrosa , Maraver Silvia , Lucas Miguel

Introduction: Pigmented micronodular adrenal dysplasia (PMNAD) is an infrequent cause of Cushing syndrome ACTH-independent, and can form a part of Carney syndrome (CS). In both, regulatory subunit mutations of the protein kinase A (PRKAR1A) have been demonstrated, but without apparent genotype-phenotype correlation.Objective: To demonstrate the mutation of PRKAR1A and its functional and clinical expression in a family affected with PMNAD.<p class="ab...

ea0014p334 | (1) | ECE2007

Hashimoto’s encephalitis: role of diagnostic SPECT

Martin Tomas , Gentil Alfonso , Torres Alberto , Maraver Silvia , Diaz-Galvez Milagrosa

In autoimmune thyroid disease some diverse neurological alterations like dementia, psychosis or peripheral neuropathy, are described. Hashimoto’s encephalopathy (EH) is a serious form of these neurological alterations. We describe three cases with different presentation and morphologic normal tests where cerebral SPECT was diagnostic.Case n°1. A 32-year-old male diagnosed of autoimmune hypothyroidism which presents paresthetics and muscular sti...

ea0049gp111 | Diabetes therapy &amp; complications 2 | ECE2017

Hepatic effects of GLP-1 receptor agonist Liraglutide in patients with type 2 diabetes

Hayon Maria , Fernandez Marta , Maraver Silvia , Muros Teresa , Cepero Daniel , Lopez Martin , Quesada Miguel , Pechuan Joaquin , Piedrola Gonzalo

Introduction: The aim of this study was to analyze the effects of Liraglutide in hepatic steatosis as well as clinical and biochemical data before and after 6 months.Methods: We have retrospectively analysed epidemiological, anthropometric and laboratory data of 83 type 2 diabetic patients treated with Liraglutide and followed at different endocrinology units across east Andalusia. We have evaluated nonalcoholic fatty liver disease using liver enzymes an...

ea0035p839 | Pituitary Clinical (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by IPSEN</emphasis>) | ECE2014

Thyrotropinoma: one tumour, two different clinical presentations

Gomez Perez Ana Maria , Selfa Silvia Maraver , Vega Maria Molina , Pareja Isabel Cornejo , Garach Araceli Munoz , Madueno Francisco Tinahones

Thyrotropin-secreting pituitary tumors are <1% of pituitary adenomas. Clinical manifestations are similar to other forms of hyperthyroidism. Most of them are diagnosed as macroadenoma (microadenomas <10%).Case 1: A 48 years old woman with menopause presented 6 years ago, consulting in 2009 for weight loss and palpitations. She had elastic goiter and distal tremor. Blood test: TSH 8.66 μUI/ml (0.2–4.2), FT4 4.7 ng/dl (0.7&#150...

ea0016p186 | Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases | ECE2008

Comparison of patient's life quality between inhalated insulin therapy (Exubera) and conventional treatment

Tome Monica , Serrano Isabel , Morales Cristobal , Maraver Silvia , Martinez de Pinillos Guillermo , Garcia-Quiros Juan Manuel , Cuesta Carmen , Sendon Angel

Objectives: To evaluate satisfaction with treatment in diabetic patients under therapy with inhaled insulin (exubera).Material and methods: Thirty-seven diabetic patients were evaluated, 27DM1 (75%) and 9DM2 (25%) that initiated treatment with Insulin inhaled (EXUBERA) between August and October 2007. Twenty-five men (69.4%) and 11 women (30.56%), between 18 and 71 years old (38.4±16.4) and with a time of evolution of diabetes between 0 and 47 years...

ea0016p187 | Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases | ECE2008

Satisfaction degree and metabolic control in patients with glucose continuous monitoring system

Morales Cristobal , Martinez de Pinillos Guillermo , Garcia-Quiros Juan Manuel , Tome Monica , Maraver Silvia , Serrano Isabel , Cuesta Carmen , Sendon Angel

Objective: To study the improvement of metabolic control and patients satisfaction with glucose continuous monitoring systems (Guardian real time).Material and method: Fifteen DM1 patients studied (age: 33.8±13.40, years of evolution: 17.06±11.32) in intensive treatment (5 multidoses, 10 insulin pump) which were made one 4 days long blind monitoring Period 1 (blind period) with sensor CGMS Gold. Next another monitoring was made with a real time...

ea0016p188 | Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases | ECE2008

Metabolic control and quality of life in patients with DM1 and insulin pump therapy

Serrano Isabel , Morales Cristobal , Maraver Silvia , Martinez de Pinillos Guillermo , Garcia-Quiros Juan Manuel , Tome Monica , Cuesta Carmen , Sendon Angel

Objectives: To value the quality of life improvement and metabolic control in patients with DM1 in the 2 first years of treatment with insulin pump therapy.Material and methods: We studied 33 DM1 patients, 16 men (48.5%) and 17 women (51.5%), with average age of 34.2±12.2 and 16.3±10.21 years of disease. Pump indication was hypoglycemia in 10 (30.3%), badly metabolic control in 14 (42.4%), pregnancy in 5 (15.2%) and glycemic inestability in 4 (...

ea0016p189 | Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases | ECE2008

Utility of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in diabetological consulting

Garcia-Quiros Juan Manuel , Serrano Isabel , Morales Cristobal , Martinez de Pinillos Guillermo , Maraver Silvia , Tome Monica , Cuesta Carmen , Sendon Angel

Objectives: To check possible advantages of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) in diagnosis and disease control respect to blood pressure conventional measurement ways.Also to study the circadian rhythm of each patient to detect higher cardiovascular risk situations.Material and methods: One hundred and nine patients were included in this study: 44% male, 56% female. ABPM were indicated in four different situations: hypert...