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ea0041ep939 | Pituitary - Clinical | ECE2016

Clinical features of thyrotropin secreting pituitary adenomas

Uzum Ayse Kubat , Dogru Hulya , Selcukbiricik Ozlem Soyluk , Gul Nurdan , Tanakol Refik , Aral Ferihan

Introduction: Thyrotropin-secreting pituitary adenomas (TSHomas) are a rare cause of hyperthyroidism and represent <1% of all pituitary adenomas. The majority of TSHomas (70%) secrete TSH alone, while mixed adenomas are not infrequent.Design: Herein, we reported the findings of six patients with TSHoma (mean age 44 yr, 4 female, 2 male). Mean TSH value was 15.1 mIU/L (3.3–38.0) who were followed-up in our department.Result...

ea0037ep986 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2015

Propylthiouracil induced anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis with skin lesions and granulocytopenia

Tanrikulu Seher , Ince Burak , Selcukbiricik Ozlem Soyluk , Tekin Sakin , Aral Ferihan , Tanakol Refik

Propylthiouracil (PTU) is a widely used drug, and can cause drug-induced vasculitis which is characterized by inflammation and cellular infiltration of small vessels and presence of anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA). We report a case of perinuclear antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis developed during treatment with PTU for Graves’ disease. A 58-year-old woman admitted to the Emergency Department with painful necrotic lesion at her right e...

ea0073aep480 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2021

What should be the optimal testosterone level to improve the symptoms of hypogonadism in male macroprolactinomas?

Caklili Ozge Telci , Ayşe Merve Çelik , Istemihan Zulal , Selcukbiricik Ozlem Soyluk , Yarman Sema

ObjectivesMale prolactinoma patients mostly have hypogonadotropic symptoms. While treatment with dopamine agonists (DAs; such as bromocriptine or cabergoline) leads to recovery of sexual glands, it can lead to impulsive control disorders as an undesirable side effect. The aim of this retrospective study is to determine the level of testosterone that eliminates symptoms, provides fertility and does not cause this undesirable side effect regardless of prol...

ea0081ep71 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2022

Adrenal incidentaloma rate during coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic

Caklili Ozge Telci , Poyanli Arzu , Duvek Esin , Canipek Eda , Medetalibeyoglu Alpay , Hacisahinogullari Hulya , Selcukbiricik Ozlem Soyluk , Gul Nurdan , Uzum Ayse Kubat

Background: Adrenal incidentaloma (AI) is described as an adrenal mass detected on imaging not performed for adrenal disease. In coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, chest CT evaluation was performed for all ages in adults. In this study, we aimed to detect adrenal adenoma(s) which were identified with chest CT, during COVID-19 diagnostic work-up to find AI prevalence in our population.Methods: All patients who underwent chest CT examination for...