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ea0022p312 | Diabetes | ECE2010

The effects of short-term fasting on insulin sensitivity and inflammation in healthy subjects

Dumanovic Mirjana Sumarac , Micic Dragan , Pejkovic Danica Stamenkovic , Jeremic Danka , Cvijovic Goran , Stefanovic Darko , Trajkovic Vladimir

It is well known that weight losses in the range of 2.5–5% are able to improve factors of the metabolic syndrome such as insulin sensitivity. Several studies have been published concerning weight loss and subsequent changes in inflammatory markers and indicate that higher weight losses are necessary to affect the inflammatory markers than are needed to affect insulin sensitivity. Some data showed impairment of insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients during starvation. Th...

ea0022p700 | Obesity | ECE2010

Obesity and malnutrition are associated with different inflammation patterns in rats

Stevanovic Darko , Micic Dragan , Sumarac-Dumanovic Mirjana , Nesic Dejan , Popovic Vera , Starcevic Vesna , Trajkovic Vladimir

The inflammatory response in rat models of obesity and malnutrition was examined. Rats received standard chow (control), chow enriched with 30% lard (obese) or 70, 50, 40 and 40% of expected food intake weekly for 4 weeks (starved). The serum levels of cytokines were determined by ELISA, while the expression of cytokine mRNA in heart and liver was analyzed by real-time RT-PCR. The blood concentrations of pro-inflammatory cytokines (TNF, IL-1) and Th1 cytokine IFN-gamma were si...

ea0020oc2.3 | Diabetes & Obesity | ECE2009

Central ghrelin administration reduces starvation-induced inflammation in rats

Stevanovic Darko , Trajkovic Vladimir , Nesic Dejan , Micic Dragan , Sumarac-Dumanovic Mirjana , Popovic Vera , Starcevic Vesna

The aim of the study was to investigate the influence of intracerebroventricular (ICV) injections of ghrelin on secretion of pro-inflammatory (TNF, IL-1, IFN-γ) and anti-inflammatory cytokines (TGF-β) in starved rats. Male Wistar rats (4 weeks old, 12 per group) were fed ad libitum or starved by caloric restriction (40% of chow consumed by their ad libitum fed controls from previous day) for 4 weeks. Afterwards, half of the animals in each group receive...

ea0041ep824 | Obesity | ECE2016

Pro-inflammatory cytokines responses to acute exercise in athletes and sedentary controls: association with body composition and insulin sensitivity

Djelic Marina , Trajkovic Vladimir , Dumanovic Mirjana Sumarac , Mazic Sanja , Durmic Tijana , Jeremic Rada , Bjelic Ankica , Micic Dragan

Balance between pro- and anti- inflammatory cytokines is necessary for the physiological functioning of the immune system. A chronic systemic inflammation is one of the causes of insulin resistance in obesity.The aim of this study was to investigate the pro-inflammatory cytokines and visfatin response to an single bout acute exercise in athletes and non-athletes, as well as the possible relationship pro-inflammatory cytokines with body composition and in...

ea0016p568 | Obesity | ECE2008

Relationship between obesity, IL-17 and IL-23 and insulin resistance

Sumarac-Dumanovic Mirjana , Micic Dragan , Simic Maja , Stamenkovic-Pejkovic Danica , Stevanovic Darko , Jorga Jagoda , Cvijovic Goran , Zoric Svetlana , Trajkovic Vladimir

In most obese patients, obesity is associated with a low-grade inflammation of white adipose tissue resulting from chronic activation of the innate immune system and which can subsequently lead to insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance and even diabetes. It is still not clear role of acquired immune response in obesity and related comorbidites such as asthma, cancer or autoimmune diseases. The aim of our study was to compare level s of IL-17 and IL23 in sever obese wom...

ea0016p561 | Obesity | ECE2008

The interrelationship between leptin, visfatin and CRP levels and insulin sensitivity assessed by euglycaemic clamp in obese women

Micic Dragan , Sumarac-Dumanovic Mirjana , Stamenkovic-Pejkovic Danica , Simic Maja , Cvijovic Goran , Zoric Svetlana , Kendereski Aleksandra , Stevanovic Darko , Jorga Jagoda , Trajkovic Vladimir

Visfatin is a newly discovered adipokine found in abundance in visceral fat. Leptin is well known marker of fat mass in the body but also one aspect of leptin is its action as a proinflammatory cytokine. Recent studies, both in vitro and in vivo, indicated that visfatin is also one of the inflammatory cytokines, although the relationship between visfatin and insulin resistance remains still unclear. The aim of our study was to assess the association between visfa...