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ea0026p141 | Male reproduction | ECE2011

Erectile dysfunction does not mirror endothelial dysfunction in hiv-infected patients

Santi D , Beggi M , Brigante G , Zona S , Luzi K , Orlando G , Rossi R , Bouloux P , Guaraldi G , Rochira V

Background: The penis has been compared to a barometer of endothelial health, being erectile dysfunction (ED) an early sign of endothelial dysfunction. The aim of the study was to investigate the association between ED and endothelial dysfunction in patients with HIV infection on ART.Methods: In this observational cross-sectional study we evaluated the prevalence and factors associated with ED in a cohort of 133 HIV-infected men. Evaluation tools include...

ea0026p148 | Male reproduction | ECE2011

Testosterone changes over time in men with human immunodeficiency virus infection: preliminary results

Brigante G , Santi D , Zirilli L , Diazzi C , Orlando G , Gnarini V , Carani C , Guaraldi G , Rochira V

Introduction: Male hypogonadism is very frequent in men treated with highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) for Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 (HIV-1) infection, reaching a prevalence of about 20%. Literature data regarding the time course of serum total testosterone (T) levels in these patients are lacking.Aim of the study: To evaluate changes of T levels over time in HIV-positive men with an initial finding of low T (<300 ng/dl).<p class...

ea0026p565 | Cardiovascular endocrinology and lipid metabolism | ECE2011

C-reactive protein and fibrinogen are strong predictors of the cardiovascular outcome in subjects with subclinical atherosclerosis and the metabolic syndrome

Patti A M , Rizzo M , Corrado E , Coppola G , Muratori I , Novo G , Rini G B , Novo S

Background: The presence of the metabolic syndrome (MS) increases cardiovascular morbidity and mortality but few data is available on the outcome in subjects with the MS and subclinical atherosclerosis.Aim: We aimed to assess cardio- and cerebro-vascular events in subjects with MS and subclinical atherosclerosis.Methods: We followed-up for 5 years 339 subjects with asymptomatic carotid intima-media thickness >0.9 mm, of whom 13...

ea0014p607 | (1) | ECE2007

The transition phase in GHD patients and metabolic alterations: life span variations of insulin sensitivity?

Baldelli R , Bellone S , Gorneli G , Bellone J , Petri A , Vannelli S , De Sanctis C , Benso L , Bona G , Aimaretti G

GH has well documented insulin antagonistic effects. By inference, GHD may be expected to result in increased insulin sensitivity. Young GHD children have a tendency to both fasting and readly provoked hypoglycaemia probably resulting from impaired hormonale counter-regolation. Increased insulin sensitivity could also contribute to their hypoglycaemia; however, this has not been directly demonstrated. Interestingly, susceptibility to hypoglycaemia in GHD children diminishes wi...

ea0011p262 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | ECE2006

Association of hypogonadism and type 2 diabetes in men attending an outpatient erectile dysfunction clinic

Corona G , Mannucci E , Petrone L , Mansani R , Balercia G , Giommi R , Chiarini V , Forti G , Maggi M

Introduction and objectives: Aim of this study is to evaluate the psycho-biological correlates of DM associated hypogonadism (DMAH).Methods: The Structured Interview SIEDY was employed along with several biochemical, psychological and instrumental investigations. We defined hypogonadal subjects (HY) those with a circulating total testosterone (T) below 10.4 nM.Results: We studied 1246 patients. More than 15% resulted affected by ty...

ea0011p650 | Reproduction | ECE2006

Difficulties in achieving versus maintaining erection: organic, psychogenic and relational determinants

Corona G , Petrone L , Mannucci E , Mansani M , Balercia G , Krausz C , Giommi R , Forti G , Maggi M

Introduction and objectives: Achieving and maintaining a penile erection are two essential components of the male sexual response. It has recently been suggested that distinct molecular mechanism could underlie the two disturbances. The aim of the present study is to verify possible clinical differences on pathogenetic factors underlying difficulties of achieving and maintaining an erection.Methods: We studied a consecutive series of 560 pa...

ea0011p652 | Reproduction | ECE2006

Psycho-biological correlates of delayed ejaculation in male patients with sexual dysfunctions

Corona G , Petrone L , Mannucci E , Fisher AD , Balercia G , Giommi R , Chiarini V , Forti G , Maggi M

Introduction and objectives: Pathogenesis of delayed ejaculation (DE) is rather unknown, although the contribution of various psychological, marital, hormonal and neurological factors has been advocated.Methods: In this study we systematically investigated the relative relevance of the aforementioned factors in a large sample (1632) of men, seeking medical help for sexual dysfunction. Delayed ejaculation was defined according to Kaplan criteria. In parti...

ea0067o44 | Oral Presentations | EYES2019

Quality of life in chronic hypoparathyroidism

Kovaleva Elena V , Mokrysheva Natalia G.

Introduction: Reduced health-related quality of life (HRQoL) is common in patients with chronic hypoparathyroidism treated conventionally with active vitamin D and calcium supplements.Aim: To determine the HRQoL of patients with hypoparathyroidism with disease persisting for more than 1 year.Methods: We identified 32 patients (women/men − 31/1, median (Me) age 48 years [38; 59.5]). The average duration of the disease was 4 ye...

ea0063p63 | Calcium and Bone 1 | ECE2019

Osteoporosis in developing-nations: need for centralized-data-collection & treatment-guidance centers to study epidemiology

Pal S , Gupta G , Roy T

Issues: This is non-interventional, Demographic, observational study in asian population. Osteoporosis common in Developing-nations. Not-a-single Center exist designated for diagnosis/treatment. No proper epidemiological, mortality/morbidity data available. In asian population Osteoporosis is diagnosed at advanced stage hence poor-prognosis. Worsened by High incidence of malnourished. Increased awareness/improved diagnosis needed to identify cases.Aim: T...

ea0063ep61 | Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism | ECE2019

Comprehensive approach towards pediatric diabetes management: policy initiatives in developing country

Pal S , Roy T , Gupta G

Issues: In developing nations diagnosis of diabetes brings mental-trauma/depression in family. Focused treatment for pediatric age-group is unavailable in developing-countries. 26% of diagnosed diabetics are children’s. Adequately trained physicians/Nurses in issues of pediatric-diabetes provide continuity of care, relief from depression and smooth transition from diagnosis to treatment. Qualitative collaborative relationship between these makes diabetics life bearable. O...