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ea0035p75 | Bone and Osteoporosis | ECE2014

What factors influenced on femoral neck bone mineral density in postmenopausal women?

Jedrzejuk Diana , Lwow Felicja , Arkowska Anna , Mieszczanowicz Urszula , Milewicz Andrzej

Postmenopausal osteoporosis is a condition that appears as a result of a sudden reduction in E2 production by the ovaries. The earliest is manifested by the reduction of lumbar BMD; mostly consisted of trabecular bone. Proximal femur is built mostly of cortical bone, and so is aging more slowly, but femoral fracture more often lead to disability and death. The aim of the study was to check which from the anthropometric, hormonal and biochemical markers have the infl...

ea0020p480 | Obesity and Metabolism | ECE2009

Serum adiponectin levels and polymorphism of CB1 endocannabinoid receptor (A3813G, A4895G, G1422A) in postmenopausal women

Jedrzejuk Diana , Lwow Felicja , Dunajska Katarzyna , Laczmanski Lukasz , Milewicz Andrzej

Recently, low serum adiponectin levels is created as a new risk factor for cardiovascular diseases in climacteric women. Our previous study shows that smoking, serum testosterone levels, blood pressure and BMI have the influence on serum adiponectin levels. Endocannabinoid system plays a role in regulation of food intake and fat accumulation, as well as lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. Menopause transition is related to metabolic disorders (e.g. obesity) and cause the increa...

ea0041ep226 | Cardiovascular Endocrinology and Lipid Metabolism | ECE2016

Lipid accumulation product (LAP) and waist circumference to height ratio (WHtR) associated with free androgen index but not with serum testosterone and androstendione in women with PCOS

Kuliczkowska-Plaksej Justyna , Milewicz Andrzej , Laczmanski Lukasz , Jedrzejuk Diana , Lwow Felicja , Bolanowski Marek

Introduction: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is associated with metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, dyslipidemia and central obesity which increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Lipid accumulation product (LAP) and waist circumference to height ratio (WHtR) are novel CVD risk predictors based on the assessment of waist circumference, height and serum triglycerides. The aim of our study was to evaluate the LAP and WHtR associations w...

ea0035p303 | Clinical case reports Thyroid/Others | ECE2014

A patient with lung ectopic parathyroid coexistent with primary hyperparathyroidism and end-stage renal diseases

Kowalska Beata , Lomna-Bogdanov Elzbieta , Pukajlo Katarzyna , Kaluzny Marcin , Jedrzejuk Diana , Doskocz Krzysztof

We report the case of 57-year-old man with end-stage renal disease, primary hyperparathyroidism and after an surgery of upper parathyroid glands with ectopic parathyroid localized in lung. Patient was directed to our hospital to perform diagnostics on hyperparathyroidism. Two years earlier (2011) patient was hospitalized because of weakness and weight loss, and was diagnosed with primary hyperparathyroidism. In 2012 he underwent the bilateral parathyroidectomy of upper glands ...

ea0022p802 | Thyroid | ECE2010

Predictors of cardiovascular risk in patients with hyperthyroidism before and after radioiodine therapy

Brona Anna , Milewicz Andrzej , Bohdanowicz-Pawlak Anna , Jedrzejuk Diana , Arkowska Anna

It is suggested that radioiodine therapy in hyperthyroidism can increase mortality because of cardiovascular diseases. To determine that fact we have evaluated how the levels of predictors of the cardiovascular risk in serum such as: glucose, insulin, total cholesterol and high-density cholesterol, low-density cholesterol and triglycerides as well as CRP, fibrinogen and D-dimers changed in hyperthyroidism cases before and 12 up to 16 and 24 up to 28 weeks after radioiodine the...

ea0049ep1135 | Female Reproduction | ECE2017

Serum Vitamin D status in women with the polycystic ovary syndrome

Kuliczkowska-Plaksej Justyna , Milewicz Andrzej , Pasquali Renato , Lenarcik-Kabzda Agnieszka , Laczmanski Lukasz , Lwow Felicja , Jedrzejuk Diana , Bolanowski Marek

Objective: To measure the levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) and vitamin D binding protein (VDBP) and assess their relationships with metabolic features in patients with the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).Methods: 267 women, aged 20–35 years (24.7±4.9): 167 with PCOS, 100 healthy women as a control group were studied. Study groups were divided according to body mass index (BMI). Biochemical and hormonal parameters, 25(OH)D, VDBP were mea...

ea0037oc11.2 | Obesity | ECE2015

Serum glypican-4 levels and its association with cardiovascular risk predictor in women with polycystic ovary syndrome and healthy controls -- pilot study

Milewicz Andrzej , Kuliczkowska-Plaksej Justyna , Lenarcik-Kabza Agnieszka , Trzmiel-Bira Anna , Hirnle Lidia , Zaleska-Dorobisz Urszula , Lwow Felicja , Laczmanski Lukasz , Kolackov Katarzyna , Sloka Natalia , Jedrzejuk Diana

Glypican-4 (Gpc-4) is novel adipokine interact with insulin receptor and affects insulin sensitivity in proteoglycans. Gpc-4 serum levels show gender differences; females having higher levels than men, what can suggest mediation by sex hormones. We investigated serum Gpc-4 levels and its association with cardiovascular risk predictors in women (20–35 years old) with PCOS (n=62) and healthy control (n=43) presented different sex hormones profile. The foll...

ea0032p204 | Cardiovascular Endocrinology & Lipid Metabolism | ECE2013

CNR1 polymorphisms and metabolic disorders in woman with PCOS-preliminary report

Milewicz Andrzej , Laczmanski Lukasz , Lenarcik Agnieszka , Kuliczkowska Justyna , Trzmiel-Bira Anna , Stachowska Barbara , Jedrzejuk Diana , Sadowska Ewa , Kolackov Katarzyna , Pawlak Maurycy , Arkowska Anna , Dorobisz Urszula , Hirmle Lidia , Lwow Felicja

The endocannabinoid system has been suspected to contribute to the association of visceral fat accumulation with metabolic diseases. Insulin resistance play important role in etiology in PCOS. The aim of our study was developed the role of CNR1 polymorphisms (rs806368, rs12720071, rs1049353, 806381, rs10485170, rs6454674, rs2023239) in metabolic disorders in woman with PCOS. 88 woman (20–35 years old) with PCOS (recognized using Rotterdam criteria) and 77 woman (20–3...