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ea0090p265 | Late-Breaking | ECE2023

Genetic profile of bone metabolism and immunity modulators in bone metastasis in castration-resistant prostate cancer

Janeiro Matthew , Matos Andreia , Medeiros Rui , Bicho Manuel , Ribeiro Ricardo

Introduction: Prostate cancer is a neoplasm with high incidence and prevalence in the elderly population in western countries. Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) has been used in locally advanced or metastatic disease, although most relapse, becoming hormone resistant, which is a poor prognostic event.Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the association of genetic polymorphisms NOS2, GPRC6A, VKORC1, ARGI and ARGII in prostate cancer, particu...

ea0049ep632 | Endocrine Disruptors | ECE2017

Bone-to-muscle endocrine axis modulating adaptation to exercise in athletes of mountain cycling in a Portuguese Marathon

de Alonso Isanete Alves , Matos Andreia , Gil Angela , Cardoso Carlos , Sardinha Luis Bettencourt , Bicho Manuel

Introduction: Besides the benefits of low-to-high intensity physical activity (PA) on metabolism, it is currently emerging that excessive PA can be deleterious with serious implications not only in muscle but also, bone remodeling. Despite recent findings remains still unclear and controversial, we hypothesize that exercise of impact, like mountain cycling, beyond influencing the metabolic and skeletal profile, represents an important model of profoundly changes in bone metabo...

ea0056gp148 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2018

Mountain cycling ultramarathon effects on neuromuscular, immune and stress biomarkers

Alonso Isanete , Matos Andreia , Ribeiro Ricardo , Gil Angela , Cardoso Carlos , Bicho Manuel

Introduction: The long-term mountain cycling effects on cognitive development for better performance, are still not fully elucidated. Notwithstanding, this type of exercise may induce a link with energy metabolism and sympathetic nervous system. We previously observed that a mountain cycling ultramarathon, induced a comodulatory influence of genetic- and exercise-associated factors on inflammatory and haemoglobin catabolic marker haptoglobin. We hypothesised that inflammatory ...

ea0056p200 | Bone ' Osteoporosis | ECE2018

Genetic polymorphisms may modulate bone and energy metabolism of mountain cycling ultramarathon athlete’s

Alonso Isanete , Matos Andreia , Ribeiro Ricardo , Gil Angela , Cardoso Carlos , Bicho Manuel

Introduction: The interaction between bone and energy metabolism may be enhanced in high demanding physical activities. We hypothesize that genetic background may modulate the exercise-associated bone and energy responses of athletes participating of a mountain cycling ultramarathon.Methods: Fifty-five non-professional athletes (mean age 44.8±7.1 years) participating in a 9-day mountain cycling ultramarathon (TransPortugal) were evaluated. Before an...

ea0049oc5.4 | Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2017

Food history characterization of Portuguese centenarians, nutritional biomarkers and cardiovascular risk: case control study

da Silva Alda Pereira , Chaves Catarina , Matos Andreia , Gil Angela , Santos Carolina , Valente Ana , Bicho Manuel , Clara Joao Gorjao

Introduction: Eating habits may contribute to longevity. Consumption of red meat, source of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol may be associated with increased risks of diabetes, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and mortality risk.Methods: We studied 521 subjects, both genders, 253 centenarians (CENT) (100.26±1.98 age) and 268 controls (67.51±3.25 age), both low (LCR) and high cardiovascular risk (HCR), calculated based on QRISK®2-2016. An...

ea0037ep113 | Steroids, development and paediatric endocrinology | ECE2015

Sarcopenia, more that dehydration, may be associate to underweight Portuguese centenarians

Silva Alda Pereira da , Matos Andreia , Valente Ana , Gil Angela , Alonso Isanete , Ribeiro Ricardo , Clara Gorjao , Bicho Manuel

Introduction: Fat-free mass has a functional significance in aging. The objective of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of underweight in a Portuguese population of centenarians and their relationship with dehydration or sarcopenia.Methods/design: Anthropometric data were obtained using standard procedures from 252 centenarians (100.26±1.99 years), 77.8% women (W). Body composition was assessed by tetrapolar bioimpedance. It was considered de...

ea0035p247 | Clinical case reports Pituitary/Adrenal | ECE2014

Spindle cell oncocytoma: a new presentation of a rare disease

da Silva Tiago Nunes , Pereira Bernardo Dias , Luiz Henrique Vara , Veloza Andreia , Matos Ana Catarina , Portugal Jorge

Spindle cell oncocytoma (SCO) is a rare entity with just 18 cases reported in the literature. It was first described in 2002 and was codified as a separate diagnostic entity in the 2007 WHO classification of brain tumours. SCO is a nonadenomatous sellar neoplasm with rich vascularization and intra and supra-sellar infiltration. Usual clinical presentation consists of headache, visual field defects and pan-hypopituitarism. The preoperative diagnosis is difficult due to a lack o...

ea0056p473 | Diabetes complications | ECE2018

The effect of glutathione S-transferase M1 and T1 polymorphisms on ascorbic acid plasma levels in diabetic patients

Valente Ana , Bicho Manuel , Carolina Santos Ana , Matos Andreia , Duarte Rui , Raposo Joao F , Costa Helena S

Introduction: Type 2 diabetes mellitus have been associated with excessive production of reactive oxygen species. Glutathione S-transferase (GST) polymorphisms result in decreased or absent enzyme activity and altered oxidative stress. Meta-analyses have indicated that deletion of either GSTM1 or GSTT1 is associated with a significant increased risk of coronary heart disease. The aim of this study was to evaluated if ascorbic acid (AA) plasma levels differ by GST genotype in d...

ea0073aep409 | General Endocrinology | ECE2021

Characterization of neuroinflammatory makers and related-genetic variants in athletes from a long duration ultramarathon mountain cycling race and endurance exercises

Matos Andreia , Matinho Miguel , Fontes Miguel , Santos Ana Carolina , Ângela Gil , Cardoso Carlos , Bicho Manuel , Alonso Isanete

IntroductionExercise induces changes in the inflammatory profile that can comprehend changes during and immediately after exercise with long-term effects. This inflammatory profile could impact the cognitive function and so, the performance.ObjectivesCompare the inflammatory status from long duration and endurance exercises and correlate it with an immune and neuroendocrine genetic profile.<p class="abste...

ea0090rc1.4 | Rapid Communications 1: Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition 1 | ECE2023

Angiotensin-converting enzyme in type II diabetes: effects of combined training on cardiovascular components and blood components

Matos Andreia , Gil Angela , Alonso Isanete , P. Magalhaes Joao , Santos Ana Carolina , Ribeiro Rogerio , F. Raposo Joao , B. Sardinha Luis , Bicho Manuel

Objectives: The angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE1) gene is one of the most studied genes in the pathogenesis of type II diabetes (T2DM) and cardiovascular disease. However, in the context of exerciSemodels in T2DM, they are not yet fully understood. We intended to characterize the genetic profile of individuals with T2DM from an inter-individual point of view using prognostic markers and cardiovascular risk. On the other hand, relate it with the profile obtained wit...